Lava stone massage 

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Lava stone massage is an ancient treatment ritual performed with hot lava stones and oil mixtures. The massage is deeply relaxing, eliminates fatigue and stress, nourishes vitality and helps remove accumulated residues and toxins.

Lava stones radiate heat and positive energy, which decreases muscle tension and regulates the digestive and hormonal systems and the metabolism. During the massage, warm lava stones are placed on the points of the chakra and are left there for a few tens of minutes. Then begins the low pressure oil massage of the body.

This massage is only for adults (except pregnant women).

Lava stone massage is recommended if you have:

  • fatigue, stress
  • a stressful period of life
  • insomnia
  • arthralgia, myalgia

Good to know:

  • the massage is painless, gentle and relaxing
  • massage is not suitable if a person has cardiovascular diseases, acute inflammation, stroke or skin wounds
  • massage is not recommended for people who cannot stand the sauna or heat


Duration up to
Hot stone massage
65 €
60 min

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