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Today's busy lifestyle leads to premature ageing and stress-related tensions. Massages and therapies from Japan and Thailand are based on ancient wisdom and treatment methods that help the body and mind relieve stress and tension, recover and strengthen organs, increase immunity, boost metabolism and improve energy flow in the body.

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    Breathing therapy PranaSanna NTB

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    Breathing therapy PranaSanna NTB or neurotransformative breathwork is a combination of different breathing techniques: tantra kriya yoga, pranayama, orgasmic breathing and de-armouring. This therapy combines different breathing rhythms and respiration. It is a great way to release emotional tensions, change states of consciousness and dive into the deep layers of a person’s physical ability.

    Results from breathing therapy PranaSanna NTB

    • being more alive and light
    • inner peace and tranquility
    • grounded and centered status
    • reduced stress, better ability to cope with stress
    • emotional healing (unrepentant grief, deep childhood wounds, abandonment, etc.)
    • eliminated toxic emotions (resentment, hatred of yourself and others, etc.)
    • reducef anxiety and fear of death
    • greater clarity (in life goals and everything important)
    • better ability to concentrate
    • deeper contact with intuition, nature, the universe, or a higher power
    • greater confidence and self-awareness
    • improved motivation and creativity
    • improved self-acceptance and self-love
    • decreased muscle tension (relieves cramps)
    • reduction in physical pain
    • increased or revived libido
    • improved immunity and blood circulation
    • improved breathing patterns

    Get rid of emotional tension and achieve physical ability. Breathing therapy PranaSanna NTB gives your life a new breath.

    PranaSanna NTB is not suitable for people with the following conditions:

    • epilepsy
    • retinal problems
    • glaucoma
    • osteoporosis (active exercise can cause problems)
    • high blood pressure (not controlled by drugs)
    • cardiovascular disease and / or irregularities, including previous heart attacks
    • stroke, neurological conditions of the brain
    • when using blood thinners (such as Coumadin)
    • pregnancy (definitely not for the first 12 weeks, later you can take rhythmic slow breathing without respiratory arrest)
    • asthma (may be involved, but the inhaler must be within reach)
    • bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
    • due to a psychiatric condition or emotional crisis during the last 10 years of hospitalization
    • severe symptomatic PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) requires a physician’s consent
    • other medical, psychiatric, or physical conditions that affect the ability to participate in any activity that involves intense physical and / or emotional release of stress

    Respiratory therapy PranaSanna NTB is an individual therapy and is not part of group training.


    80 €


    90 min


    Merike Villard

    Japanese massage therapist

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    Service: Breathing therapy PranaSanna NTB

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