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Exercise classes

We care about people’s health as a whole. The basis for feeling strong and healthy is an active lifestyle. Therefore, at Confido, we now offer several exercise classes that strengthen your body and refresh your mind. Our trainers are top specialists who are well respected in their fields; they are familiar with both Western and Eastern medicine and can even help people who are already struggling with health issues. Our trainers are focused on improving individuals’ physical and mental health, preventing health issues and helping them recover from illness and injury. The training groups are small and trainers pay attention to each individual in the class – thus only 10 people can take part at a time.

Group trainings

Reality Check

Grete Vahter



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Fitbody Weight Loss

Grete Vahter


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Back School

Ekaterina Dushko (Mon) ja Terje Telling (K)



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Functional pilates

Ekaterina Dushko



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Evening yoga for stress relief

Marika Tamm


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    Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that aims to restore a patient’s impaired functions, relieve pain, maintaining and increasing joint mobility and muscle performance. In the case of serious health problems, a person needs the help of a qualified doctor, often they do not become fully healthy and active after the treatment has been completed and the problem has been resolved.

    Who is physiotherapy for?

    • Heart disease
    • Joint disease
    • Spine disease
    • After paralysis and after trauma and surgery
    • To maintain joint mobility and muscle performance or restoration
    • to prevent misalignment of the spine and joints

    Why come to the treatment?

    Physiotherapy develops all aspects of physical fitness: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and endurance. It raises physical awareness and increases control over your body. All of these benefits will help you recover better and prevent more serious health problems.

    Exercise also improves balance and joint mobility. Through active movement, it is possible to stimulate the work of the respiratory system and blood supply. Herbal medicine also has the advantage of lowering high blood pressure while raising low blood pressure.

    Physiotherapy can massage the whole body and thereby improve metabolism.

    How to prepare?

    Please put on comfortable clothes and, if possible, prefer training clothes. Put on comfortable shoes.

    There is generally no fatigue after exercising and you can continue your daily activities after training.

    50 €
    60 minutes

    We provide this service

    Confido Medical Centre
    Veerenni 51, Tallinn

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    Service: Physiotherapy

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    • Confido has an on-site changing room, washing facilities and the necessary training equipment in the gym.
    • Exercise classes take place if at least one participant has registered for the class two hours before the class (by the previous evening in the case of morning classes).
    • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the exercise classto confirm your participation. Please bring a photo ID (ID card, passport or driver’s licence and your COVID certificate).


    • Registration for classes ends two hours before the start of the class, for morning classes – the previous evening at 19.
    • You can change or cancel your booking through the booking confirmation letter sent to your e-mail address, or by calling 1330.
    • If you do not show up or cancel less than two hours before the start of the exercise class, your prepayment will be withheld to cover the cost of availability and you will get no refund.
    • If you cancel at least two hours before the start of the class, the prepayment amount will be refunded within 10 working days.


    • Personal trainer helps to accomplish your fitness and health goals faster, safer and smarter by focusing solely on your health, current fitness level and needs and by giving personalised advice.
    • To register for individual training sessions, call 1330, send an e-mail to or book via the link on the website.


    • Exercise classes take place on the 6th floor of Confido Medical Centre at Veerenni 51 in Tallinn.
    • Parking is FOR A CHARGE 24hin front of the building at Veerenni 51 and in the client car park. To start parking, send a text message to the number 1902 (vehicle no._blank space_EP100) or use the parking app. The M-Parking zone is EP100.


    You are welcome to attend exercise classes only if you are healthy. If you are experiencing symptoms of a cold or other illnesses, please stay at home until you feel better. Please do not come to the clinic if:

    • You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and your physician has not yet declared that you have recovered.
    • You are experiencing symptoms of acute respiratory infection (e.g. fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat) and have not given a negative COVID-19 nasopharynx test withing the past 48 hours.
    • Within the past 2 weeks, you have had contact with persons diagnosed with COVID-19.