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Feel free to visit a Walk-in-Clinic without making an appointment. However, we still recommend booking in advance to ensure medical attention when it suits you best. All services offered in Walk-in-Clinics are subject to a fee. No health insurance fund coverage is needed to receive medical attention.
  • Doctor's consultation
    40 - 60€
  • Nurse appointments are designed to offer initial health advice (how to be and remain in good health, prevent illnesses) as well as assess the state of health and analyse health risks. Initial blood and urine analyses and measurement of important health outcomes (blood pressure, pulse, ECG, etc.) can be carried out during the appointment for extra charge. If needed, the nurse can also perform basic treatment procedures (administration of medicinal products, wound treatment). If the appointment establishes a need for consulting with a doctor, the nurse will refer the patient to a doctor (this appointment might not take place on the same day).

  • An appointment with a nurse during which the nurse assesses the patient’s state of health. Initial blood and urine analyses and measurement of important health outcomes (blood pressure, pulse, ECG, etc.) are available for extra charge if needed. Note! Please do not use this appointment when experiencing symptoms of a cold! In this case you can use our paid health hotline 1500 to consult with a doctor.

  • Measuring blood pressure and nurse's consultation
  • Renewing a prescription for the first time in Confido takes place after a consultation from our doctor in our clinic. The price of this service is the price of doctor’s consultation. Our doctor makes the decision about prescription renewal based on the consultation.

    In Confido we do not usually renew the following medications:

    Benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-like drugs (ie Z-drugs), strong painkillers (opioids), methylphenidate, phenobarbital, other narcotic and psychotropic drugs.

    Renewal of benzodiazepins can be done by our doctor:

    • If the patient’s own regular doctor works in Confido
    • If the patient can provide our doctor written or electronic document from his/hers own regular doctor concerning the need and dosage of the medication in question. Also there needs to be a well justified reason why the patient’s own regular doctor cannot renew the medication in question.

    In these situations our doctor may renew the smallest amount possible of the medication in question and ask the patient to be in contact with his/hers own regular doctor or schedule a meeting with an appropriate specialist at Confido to have a follow-up about the treatment.



    25 €

  • It’s never too early to start checking your health. Confido’s health audit is suitable for all adults who are not only looking to have their blood tested but also take an interest in the state of their health and want their health to be assessed by a doctor and receive recommendations on how to look after their health. The audit focuses on the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and malignant tumours. During the audit, you can make special requests in regard to examining your health and ask for advice on Confido’s services. The results will be sent to your Patient Portal.

    Who do we recommend this package to?

    • All adults who are interested in
      the state of their health.
    • If there is a history of diabetes or
      malignant tumours in your family.

    What does the package consist of?

    • Risk questionnaires to assess the risk of disease
      These questionnaires allow us to assess your risk of heart disease and diabetes. They also help us establish whether your risk of developing a common malignant tumour has increased. Based on known risks, we can make recommendations on how to proceed in order to reduce the likelihood of disease. The questionnaires are to be answered at home prior to your first appointment at the clinic. Please bring paper copies of the completed questionnaires with you to the clinic or e-mail
      them to info@confido.ee.
    • Blood testing
      Analysis of blood sugar, haemoglobin, cholesterol and other markers – 13 of the most important health indicators – in the blood allow us to assess the state of your health and the risks of developing diseases.
      The package assesses the health of your heart, kidneys, thyroid gland and other organs, but also your liver function as well as diabetes risk. In order to give blood samples, refrain from eating and drinking (except
      plain water) from the previous evening and make sure three to four hours have passed since you last urinated. Read more
    • Nurse’s appointment
      A nurse’s appointment is used for performing anthropometric measurements (e.g. weight, height, BMI) and collecting blood and urine samples. During the appointment, you can make special requests in regard to examining your health and ask for advice on Confido’s services.
    • GP consultation
      The consultation will provide an overview of the results of your check-up as well as recommendations on adjustments to your lifestyle in order to avoid cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Further instructions will be given if you have developed a risk for cancer. If a more serious disease is suspected, we will refer you for further examinations.