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Beauty treatments and cosmetology

Feel free to visit a Walk-in-Clinic without making an appointment. However, we still recommend booking in advance to ensure medical attention when it suits you best. All services offered in Walk-in-Clinics are subject to a fee. No health insurance fund coverage is needed to receive medical attention.
  • Tattoo removal
    from 60€
  • OxyGeneO has been in use as a medtech innovation in Europe and the US since 2017 and has recently been introduced in Estonia. This oxygen treatment device was invented by scientists at internationally renowned cosmetics group Lumenis Pallogen. It allows for skin rejuvenation without injections. The human body processes carbon freely, and oxygen stimulates all metabolic and skin regenerative processes.

  • Acid peeling removes damaged skin layers to a controlled depth and stimulates the reproduction of new, healthier cells as well as the production of water-binding substances in the skin. The main function of neutralised acid is to excite the function of skin cells (accelerate metabolism and blood circulation), which speeds up the production of collagen and elastin fibres.

  • Laser epilation
    from 30€
  • Innovative facial treatment for easily irritated and sensitive facial skin. The treatment relieves and strengthens dry and hypersensitive facial skin. Thanks to the best natural ingredients (lupine, corn, arnica, calendula, carrot and rice extract), So Delicate offers the most innovative skin protection technology. The treatment gradually increases the skin’s tolerance, having an antioxidant effect and immediately soothes the discomfort caused by irritation on the skin, providing a feeling of comfort and softness. After treatment, your skin is deeply moisturized, nourished and protected from external aggression such as the sun, cold, wind, etc.

  • Fully satisfying skin restoration results after just one treatment. The procedure leaves your skin soothed and relaxed. Irritation, redness and scaling are visibly reduced.

  • Purexpert facial hygiene ensures clean and even skin and prevents the first wrinkles. This treatment deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates sebum, reduces pores, regenerates the thickness of the stratum corneum, facilitates the extraction of comedones, while soothing and restoring the skin.