Health certificates in walk-in clinics

At Confido, you can apply for various medical certificates. We perform health checks, for example:

  • to issue medical certificates to drivers of motor vehicles,
  • to issue medical certificates to applicants for a weapons permit,
  • for insurance.

You can undergo any necessary analyses and tests for a certificate on infectious diseases. The latter is needed for:

  • handling foodstuffs,
  • working in the field of teaching/education,
  • working in health care,
  • livestock keepers,
  • welfare workers,
  • beauty care workers,
  • study or practice in the abovementioned fields.

For your medical examination, please bring an identity document, glasses, contact lenses and any other aids (e.g. hearing aids or prostheses). If, during your health examination, we discover any health issues that might stop you from getting a health certificate, we will refer you to a specialist or for further testing (for example, to the ophthalmologist or for a sleep investigation). Only after these appointments can we issue a health certificate. You will be required to pay for the service even if the doctor decides not to issue a certificate.

    Motor vehicle drivers health control and certificate A AM B BE cat

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    The purpose of the medical examination carried out before the issue of a medical certificate is to ensure that the person has no medical contraindications to driving a motor vehicle and that the driver is in a sufficiently good state to be in traffic.

    This service includes:

    • nurse’s appointment
    • general practitioners and family doctors appointment
    • blood test to determine blood glucose (if not analysed during the last year)
    • in the absence of contraindications, the issuance of a certificate by a doctor.

    How is the certificate issued?

    In order to apply for health certificate for a driving license, the patient must first fill in an electronic health declaration on the patient portal to assess his/her health condition. In this way, a pre-filled medical certificate is created and the patient sees what he or she needs to do to obtain the certificate, including whether he or she has diagnoses that may prevent him or her from obtaining a medical certificate in the desired area of use. Whether or not a diagnosis is a contraindication for the issuance of a certificate is decided on a case-by-case basis by the medical doctor who also evaluates the pre-filled certificate. 

    Next, there will be a nurse’s appointment, where the health examinations and measurements necessary to assess compliance with the health requirements will be performed. The nurse measures arterial blood pressure, checks visual acuity and field of view, calculates body mass index, measures neck circumference and performs blood sugar analysis. 

    For the appointment, bring along:

    • personal identification document
    • aids used permanently or while driving (glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, prostheses, etc.)
    • a specialist’s confirmation about the use of a medical device for the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome.

    The nurse’s appointment is followed by a general practitioner’s or family doctor’s appointment, where a health certificate is issued based on the results of the health examination.

    Please note! The doctor reserves the right to request additional examinations or specialist assessments and not to issue a certificate if the patient’s state of health does not meet the requirements.

    Motor vehicle drivers health control and certificate A AM B BE cat (Tallinn)
    59 €
    30 min
    Motor vehicle drivers health control and certificate A AM B BE cat (Tartu)
    35 €
    30 min

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    Service: Motor vehicle drivers health control and certificate A AM B BE cat

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