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Kerato-regulating acid treatment for problematic skin

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The goal of sebaceous glands is to produce sebum in the human body. If the sebaceous glands work slowly, the sebum intended for hydrating and protecting the skin by nature does not reach the skin surface quickly enough and instead accumulates in the hair follicle, where it produces clogged pores or comedones when mixed with dead skin cells. If the sebum continuously accumulates in the hair follicle and the bacteria causing acne proliferates, the walls of the hair follicle tear and cause infections that might end up in surrounding tissues. As a result, changes in the connective tissue occur that are expressed as red pimples or skin abscess and might eventually cause acne scars.

If the skin’s microcirculation is slow, shedding of dead skin cells also decelerates and the cells line the hair follicle (excessive keratinization), as a result of which the sebaceous glands shrink, meaning that the sebum cannot reach the skin surface again.

Kerato-regulating acid treatment is intended for skin with chronic sebaceous gland infections and aims to normalise the keratinization process and activate metabolic processes in the skin cells. Acid treatment has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the restoration of your skin, removes facial oedema of acne, minimises pores, evens out the skin tone and balances the skin structure. Prevents new acne breakouts

Expected treatment outcomes

  • elimination of inflammation
  • normalisation of sebum secretion
  • stimulation of skin cells
  • cleansing the skin of comedones

We recommend acid peeling if you have any of the following

  • acne
  • seborrheic keratosis
  • pseudofolliculitis
  • large pores
  • milia
  • comedones
  • oily skin

Acid treatment cannot be performed if the following conditions are present

  • viral infections of the skin
  • inflammatory skin diseases, except acne
  • injured skin surface
  • intolerance to products used for the procedure

On the day of the procedure, avoid tanning, including at a solarium, going to the sauna or spa, engaging in active sports and consuming alcohol.
During the courses of treatment, avoid tanning, including the solarium, and using Aloe vera extracts and other essential oil products.

The facial skin treatment is performed using the world-renowned Laboratoires Renophase Paris dermacosmetics series Renophase. The treatmentincludes cleansing and exfoliating the skin and using the corresponding active substances, serums, masks and creams that meet the needs of your skin.
The procedure is recommended every 7-14 days, with a treatment consisting of 4-12 procedures, once or twice a year.

Kerato-regulating acid treatment for problematic skin in Tallinn
70 €
Kerato-regulating acid treatment for problematic skin in Tartu
65 €

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Service: Kerato-regulating acid treatment for problematic skin

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