Walk-In clinics

Confido’s Walk-in Clinics offer a quick solution to your health issues. We are ready to help you with initial symptoms of illness as well as long-term health problems. You can turn to us for health examinations, blood tests and vaccinations. You can share your issues and consult with experienced doctors and nurses who provide on-site assistance or help you find an appointment time to undergo necessary testing or see a specialist.

Walk-in-Clinics are innovative medical sites that use highly novel solutions as well as traditional working methods to offer quick medical attention. For example, the Walk-in-Clinic in Nautica uses the Digital Clinic solution that is new in Estonia as well as the rest of the world. With this digital solution patients can undergo a thorough health examination without being in the same room with a doctor. We also offer remote consultations that allow, for example, experienced dermatologists to quickly take a look at a birthmark you may be concerned with.

Confido’s Walk-in Clinics are created to offer medical attention just when it suits you the most. We always have time to help. Appointments take place on a first come, first served basis. However, we recommend booking in advance if you prefer coming at a particular time.

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