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    Vasectomy (also called male sterilisation) is a male contraceptive method where the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles (i.e. vas deferens) are cut or blocked. Thus, the sperm do not reach semen or seminal vesicles. This simple minor surgery is nearly 100% effective method of contraception. It is important to know that vasectomy is a permanent method of contraception.

    Legally, vasectomy is allowed in Estonia for men who are at least 35 years old, or for men who have at least three children or have another medical indication. Please set an appointment with one of our urologists to discuss vasectomy options.

    Good to know

    • Procedure is mostly painless. It is carried out under local anesthesia.
    • It is recommended to avoid physical activity and being sexually active in the 48 hours.
    • Vasectomy is not an immediately effective contraceptive method. For the next three months, alternative methods of contraception are recommended. Before quitting alternative methods, a semen analysis needs to be run to make sure that the procedure has been successful. A human body can recanalise the tubes in about 2% of the cases.
    • Vasectomy does not affect sexual functioning or increase any health risks.
    Vasectomy (under anesthesia)
    970 €
    75 min
    Vasectomy (under local anesthesia)
    830 €
    60 min

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