Sleep & snoring


The airways of people with sleep apnea are flabby or saggy during sleep. This causes snoring. Snoring decreases air flow into our lungs. Sometimes when breathing stops completely for a certain time, the person is completely left without oxygen. There could be pauses in breathing that last over a minute.

This causes tiredness in the morning. It affects the whole body. They may feel fatigued and drowsy in the morning, have headaches, high blood pressure levels and experience palpitation of the heart. In time they get used to it without considering sleep apnea as a sleeping disorder that causes significant stress to the body.

Important to know

  • Snoring is a breathing disorder that is curable.
  • Sleeplessness or insomnia is accompanied by bedtime anxiety.
  • People who toss and turn while sleeping are often fatigued but it does not have to be that way.
  • Naps and daytime tiredness can be signs of sleep disorders.

Consultation with the sleep doctor

No matter how old you are, sleep needs to be paid attention to because it is the prerequisite of a healthy life. Consultation with the somnologist involves the doctor examining your current state of health and complaints, and charting the symptoms that indicate the presence of a sleep disorder. In the consultation, it is good to talk to the doctor about your sleeping habits and schedule, whether you wake up at night, and of your other sleep-related behaviour. If you are taking any sleeping pills, let the doctor know which ones and how long you have been using them.

We recommend visiting the somnologist if you are experiencing symptoms of insomnia such as drowsiness, fatigue, exhaustion, trouble of concentrating and decrease of mental capacity, or if you are constantly worrying about the quality of your sleep, if you are having mood swings and bodily irregularities such as palpitation, pain in the heart area, and when your mind seems to be constantly foggy.

The consultation is intended for adults. The specialist who diagnoses and treats breathing disorders during sleep is our sleep doctor, Dr Erve Sõõru. The price of the consultation with the sleep doctor is 70 euros.

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Erve Sõõru

Dr Erve Sõõru

Sleep doctor
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  • Margus LaurikMargus Laurik
  • Kai RohulaidKai Rohulaid

Margus Laurik

Clinical psychologist
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Kai Rohulaid

Clinical psychologist

Consultation with the clinical psychologist

The clinical psychologist uses mainly the evidence-based principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy. They have been scientifically proven to be useful in mitigating sleeplessness.

After identifying the feelings and thoughts that might disturb day and night time rhythms and sleep, the doctor will suggest alternatives to the existent sleeping schedule, and if necessary, will teach skills which help dealing with certain thought and attitudes.

We recommend consulting the clinical psychologist if you are having recurrent symptoms of sleeplessness such as difficulties in falling asleep, in case of problems with the duration and stability of sleep, if the quality of your sleep is poor or if you are unable to sleep altogether, or if you experience symptoms of daytime tiredness and mood swings that increase anxiety, lack of self-control and increases irritability. The price of the consultation is 70 euros.

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Consultation with the neurologist

Sleep disorders can be related to nervous system disorders or diseases. Restless legs syndrome is a relatively common problem, although sometimes it can affect hands or other body areas as well.

The symptom of restless legs syndrome is an itchy, stingy feeling that resembles the sensation of heat or the buzzing of electric current, or an inexplicable discomfort in the legs as if worms were crawling under your skin. Some people experience a dull pain that is relieved by movements or walking.

Our neurologist, Dr Toomas Toomsoo, is the specialist who diagnoses and treats the restless legs syndrome. The price of the consultation is 100 euros.

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Toomas Toomsoo

Dr Toomas Toomsoo

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