Sleep & snoring

Sleeping is as vital to life as eating and drinking — the body restores itself during sleep. Sleeping disorders together with accompanying tiredness disturb the balance of the organism and promote serious health problems such as infarction, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, weight increase, etc. Snoring is a sign of flabbiness of airways and it means that the body does not get enough oxygen. Oxygen is needed for the normal functioning of all organs.

Many people with sleeping disorders or people who have fallen asleep behind the wheel or have had an accident because of tiredness are not aware that they might be suffering from sleep apnea.

„Snoring is abnormal, it is a sign of illness. The right treatment will reduce snoring, restore health, reduce tiredness and weight,“ promises the sleep doctor Dr Erve Sõõru.


The sleep doctor

Come to visit the sleep doctor if you have been using sleeping pills for years without them improving your sleep quality, or if you have trouble falling asleep, constantly wake up during sleep, you snore and feel tired in the morning; or if symptoms of sleep apnea were noticed when you had your medical examination for obtaining a driver's licence.

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Other consultations

Sleep disorders can be related with nervous system disorders or diseases. Restless legs syndrome is a common problem with which you can come to the consultation of the GP or neurologist.
The therapies performed by the clinical psychologist have also been scientifically proved to help with sleeplessness.

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Sleep analysis helps to diagnose sleep related breathing disorders and assess their causal relations and severity.

We perform spirometry or pulmonary function test in case of a possibility of bronchial asthma of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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