Skin problems


Some changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissues may require surgical intervention. Our general practitioners (GPs) and surgeon perform various minor surgical procedures, such as removal of surgical stitches, suturing wounds, removing ingrown nails, removing birthmarks, etc., on site at Confido.

During consultation, the doctor will decide whether the procedures are necessary and who will perform them. Sometimes the procedure can be performed during consultation, but another suitable time can be booked if necessary. At Confido, all surgical interventions are done conveniently, quickly, safely, and using local anesthesia.

Important to know

  • Depending on the procedure, there may be limitations on the food, drinks, and regular medicine you are allowed to have before surgery.
  • Your doctor will give you specific instructions before the procedure.


Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is a treatment method used in dermatology, rheumatology, surgery, and cosmetology. Cryotherapy is most often used to treat warts and moles but we use it for various medical conditions at Confido.

Cryotherapy is suitable for children and adults. For wart and mole treatment, cryotherapy can be carried out without a doctor’s consultation unless specifically requested by a cryo specialist.

For children under the age of 8, or when using cryotherapy for reasons other than wart and mole treatment, we recommend a dermatologist’s appointment beforehand.

Good to know:

  • The duration of the procedure depends on the referral and the treatment method but usually it takes 5-45 seconds per area. Sometimes multiple rounds are needed.
  • Liquid nitrogen creates a cold feeling on the skin that might feel like stinging.
  • After the procedure, you might feel pain or stinging that passes in up to two hours.
  • The procedure can cause blisters to the treated areas that last for 1-2 weeks.

Price 20 €
Duration 15 minutes


We recommend Renophase Paris facial treatments if you have:

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Milia
  • Rosacea
  • Uneven, dull skin tone
  • Wrinkles, early signs of aging
  • Hyperpigmentation

Important to know before treatment:

  • Please arrive to the treatment with no makeup. It is also possible to remove makeup at our clinic.
  • You are not allowed to use sunbeds, go to sauna, be physically active, or drink alcohol on the day of the treatment. We also recommend avoiding makeup use.
  • During the treatment period, you are not allowed to use sunbeds or use products with aloe vera or essential oils.

Acne facial treatment

The main causes of acne are excess oil production, clogged oil follicles, microcirculation, or hormonal imbalances. Acne is not just a cosmetic problem – without complex medical treatment, acne can cause permanent scarring.

Before the facial treatment, we recommend a doctor’s consultation or eAcne examination to determine the most effective and long-lasting treatment plan. Certified nurses perform the eAcne skin examination and the facial treatment because only consistent and thorough skin care will lead to results.

Our clinic uses world-renowned aesthetic dermatology products by Laboratories Renophase Paris. These treatment produts are used in medicine, aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic cosmetics.

Renophase is innovative in the field as the products use glycolic acid with active substances that improve the access to deeper problematic layers of skin up to 80%. You can see the results after one treatment, however for lasting results eight facial treatments are required. The treatment’s effectiveness also depends on your nutrition, the use and quality of cosmetics, smoking, and stress levels.

We recommend trying eight sessions of facial treatment and complement it with daily skin care and treatment. Our specialists give advice on facial care at home and recommend necessary products.

Price 65 €
Duration 60 minutes

Surgical removal of a birthmark

Birthmarks are benign formations on the skin. Usually, they are not dangerous but can often be aesthetically unappealing or be located at an uncomfortable area on the body. At Confido, we remove birthmarks surgically. A dermatologist assesses the need for surgery after birthmark examination. A dermatologist can recommend removing the birthmark but the final decision is always up to the client.

The removed tissue is always sent to a laboratory to confirm whether it was a benign or malignant growth. The results will come back in 7 business days. At Confido, our surgeon Andre Trudnikov, MD removes birthmarks. The cost of an initial birthmark and histological examination is 200 euros. Each additional examination and removal of a birthmark is 100 euros.

You should consider examinining and removing your birthmarks if:

  • They are painful
  • They are inflamed
  • Excrete fluids with unpleasant odor
  • They grow significantly
  • They change the colour or shape

Good to know

  • The duration of the the procedure depends on the amount, location, and nature of the birthmarks.
  • Birthmark is removed using local anaesthesia.
  • Procedure is not painful. Anaesthetic injection can be slightly painful.

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Removal of skin formations around the eye

Skin formations on eyelids or mucous membrane (chalazion, papilloma, xanthelasma, lipoma) are usually benign. Chalazion is often caused by a blepharatis, i.e. eye inflammation. Other formations (lipoma, xanthelasma) are usually metabolic waste stored in skin. Papilloma is viral and therefore can reappear after removal.

Skin formations are usually not dangerous to the eye or vision but are uncomfortable and aesthetically unappealing. One should consider removing them once they are inflamed, painful, increase in size, change colour or shape, or are cosmetically interfering.

At Confido, skin foundations around the eye are removed by ophthalmologist Margarita Rebrov, MD who decides the necessity of the procedure during her consultation.

If needed, the removed tissue can be sent to a laboratory to confirm whether it was benign or malignant growth. The results will come back in 7 business days. The histological examination is charged in addition to the removal procedure. A removal of a skin formation is 140 euros.

How is the procedure carried out?

  • Procedure is carried out using local anesthesia.
  • The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of the procedure.
  • Procedure is not painful. Anaesthetic injection can be slightly painful.
  • If the procedure creates a wound that needs to be stitched, and then we ask you to return to the clinic in a week to remove the stitches.

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Minor surgery

Some changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissues may require surgical intervention. Confido provides various minor surgical procedures on site, such as surgical wound care, removal of stitches, tick removal, surgical correction or removal of ingrown nails, opening and care of cysts, etc. The indications for minor surgery will be assessed by a GP or surgeon during consultation. The price is 100 euros.

How is the procedure performed?

  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The duration of the procedure depends on its complexity.
  • The procedure itself is painless, only the local anaesthesia shot may be a little painful.
  • If the procedure results in a surgical wound, it will be closed with stitches, for the removal of which you should return to the clinic in a few weeks, depending on the location and size of the wound.

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