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With early diagnosis and correct treatment, skin cancer and melanoma are curable. For early detection, it is important to pay attention to any changes on your skin. Melanoma may occur on all areas of the body, by developing from an existing birthmark or appearing as a new fast-growing and changing pigment spot.

For the early detection of melanoma and skin cancer, Confido uses dermatoscopy, which is a method in wide use all over the world.

Important to know

  • You do not need a doctor’s referral for the birthmark test.
  • We provide examinations for children as well as adults.

Birthmark examination (Dermtest)

Melanoma is a dangerous type of skin cancer which can develop from birthmarks and is curable if diagnosed early. The Dermtest birthmark examination is a simple, convenient, and reliable teledermatoscopic examination, where the birthmark or other skin irregularity is photographed with great magnification and sent to a dermatologist-oncologist for reading.

We cooperate with dermatologists-oncologists at the Dr. Niine Nahakliinik, who read the photographs. The examination reveals if the birthmark has any characteristics of skin cancer, melanoma, or their future possibility, based on which removal (and subsequent histological analysis) or ongoing follow-up of the birthmark is prescribed. If there is need for regular follow-up, we will remind you of upcoming examinations. This examination is performed for adults as well as children. <7p>

  • Before attending the examination, consider which skin irregularities or birthmarks you want to have examined.
  • Usually the examination includes photographing of 1-3 birthmarks. This is not a whole-body examination where many birthmarks would be examined at once.
  • We will receive the results in a couple of days and forward them to you along with our recommendations.

Examination costs 45 euros for the first birthmark, and 15 euros for each consecutive birthmark.

Cost of the examination from 45 €
Duration of the examination 15-30 minutes

In which cases do we recommend this examination?

  • If you have growing and changing birthmarks (bleeding, itching, enlargement)
  • If you are concerned about a birthmark, the appearance of which has changed (e.g. asymmetrical or different from others)
  • If you have lots of birthmarks and pigmentation spots on your skin
  • If your immediate family has a history of skin cancer
  • If you have used or are using tanning beds regularly
  • If you regularly travel to sunny places and receive large doses of UV radiation

Dr Karin Hussar

Dr Karin Hussar

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Dermatoscopy - examination for multiple birthmarks

Doctor carries out a whole body examination aiming to find any atypical lesions or concerning changes on birthmarks. If the doctor is concerned about a birthmark, she will advise the patient whether further observation or testing is needed, or whether the birthmark needs to be removed for histological examination.

Doctor will also give guidance when and how to observe your own skin and how often the examination needs to be carried out.

When and who needs the examination?

  • If you have numerous birthmarks or pigmented areas that show growth or change
  • If you have family history of skin cancer

Good to know about the examination

  • It is a dermatoscopy during which multiple birthmarks are examined. If you wish to check for 1-3 birthmarks, then please choose Dermtest, birthmark examination.
  • You will immediately receive results along with recommendations and suggestions.
Price of the examination 100 €
Duration of the examination 30 minutes