Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation method that is based on therapeutic exercises, manual techniques as well as physical therapy. An individual should see a physiotherapist if any function of their musculoskeletal system is impaired, e.g. as a consequence of illness, trauma, surgery, overburden, or underutilization. The objective of physiotherapy is to prevent health problems, identify problems, alleviate pain as well as maintain, improve and restore range of motion, muscle strength, and endurance.

    Relieving back pains

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    Back pain can arise from bad muscle tone, overweight, hard physical labour, bad lifestyle, fixed forced positions, traumas or from a specific disease. Back pain may also be caused by organ dysfunctions, for example by renal diseases. Before giving the most suitable treatment advice and undergoing supplementary examinations or visiting a specialist for a consultation, the cause of the pain must be found out. In order to soothe and treat the back pain, we need a comprehensive overview of the pain and the circumstances, events and health concerns accompanying it.

    What do you have to do?

    • Remind yourself when did the pains start and how have they changed in time.
    • Remind yourself whether the pains were preceded by some sort of a health concern, trauma or some other seemingly unimportant circumstance.
    • Think of the treatment advice you have been following and medication you have been using. Evaluate their effectiveness in improving your state of mind.
    • Take with you the test results that only you know of. The doctors can already acquaint with your medical history through the digital database.

    Where to turn to?

    At Confido, various doctors and specialists can provide help with back pains:

    • chiropractic
    • neurologist
    • neurosurgeon
    • masseuse-therapist
    • manual therapist

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    Service: Relieving back pains

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