Pain & the nervous system

Nervous system related problems often manifest themselves as pain in the neck, back, head or in other areas of the body. Identifying the reason for the pain is not always easy since the reasons for these problems are usually complicated. Solving them needs patience and time.

Confido consists of a team of specialists who are the top of their field. Depending on the nature of the problem, help is provided either by our general practitioners, neurologist, neurosurgeon or our sleep doctor. In many cases, however, it is useful to complement the medical assistance with physiotherapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture and oriental therapies to get the best results.

„My goal is to identify the disease or show that it is not neurological in origin. If the disease exists, I will determine the treatment and give suggestions that will alleviate discomforts in the patient’s everyday life,“ says neurologist Dr Toomas Toomsoo.


Confido is employing experienced general practitioners who are the top of their field, neurologists and neurosurgeon. Before coming for an examination of your complaints, we advise you to turn to our GP who performs an initial medical examination and if needed, will send you to visit the specialists. Most of the times, health concerns will find a solution, and pain will always find relief.

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When your body is experiencing a dissonance that could amplify and cause malfunctioning of organs or pain, a solution must be searched for. To prevent and mitigate nervous system diseases and pain, we recommend therapies, massages and various physiological treatment methods. We will find the best solution by combining the traditional western medicine with alternative medical practices from around the world.

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The treatment plan of chronic pain is often complicated. Unfortunately, there is no panacea that would solve all health concerns. That is why we will try to find a personalised treatment plan for every patient.
Therefore, in order to soothe acute and chronic pain of patients, we will often combine different procedures such as nerve blockage, intra-articular injections, Botox injections and so forth.

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You do not have to endure a headache, it can be treated

Although it seems that a headache is easily taken care of with painkillers, one of Estonia’s most renowned neurologists, Dr Toomas Toomsoo, says it is much more complex: just as there is no specific cause for headaches, there are no universal medications that can get rid of it.

Who of us has not had a headache, a numb arm or leg, or become anxious with the fear of dying because of a serious brain disorder, right?

„If in everyday life it is said that all roads lead to Rome, then the medical paraphrasing can be that all roads lead to the nervous system – whether now or in the future, a neurological consultation will be required by almost any human,“ Dr Toomsoo explains.

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Dr Toomas Toomsoo

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