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Everyone has a unique digestive and immune system. Individual differences may cause intolerance to some foods.

Confido provides food intolerance testing: our gluten and lactose intolerance test lets you know if your symptoms may be caused by intolerance to some foods. We also provide testing for hereditary risk of obesity-related diseases.

Important to know

  • For testing, you should consult with one of our GPs or nutritional consultants.
  • The cost of examinations and tests is not included in the consultation fee.

Body composition analysis and consultation

Body composition is measured with medical analyser that can measure body mass, body mass index, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, body water, basal metabolic rate, active metabolic rate, and many other values that are necessary to assess body’s state of health.

You will receive immediate results alongside with nutritional advice that takes into consideration your metabolic rate and activity levels. You will also receive an overview of the state of your muscle mass, total body water, and a summary of your physical health with personalised recommendations to improve your health.

This analysis is recommended for:

  • Health-conscious people to change their lifestyle
  • Chronically ill people (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases)
  • Overweight and obese individuals to get an overview of their health and personalised recommendations on weight loss
  • Athletes to review their physical form and get recommendations on how to train more effectively

Good to know:

  • Body composition is measured by a medical analyser where you are asked to stand barefoot for a few minutes.
  • It is recommended not to eat for a few hours before the analysis.
  • Body composition analyser is not suitable during pregnancy, for people with arrhyhtmias, electronic implants (such as cardiac pacemakers), prostheses, or electronic life-support systems (such as artificial heart or lung).
Price 25 €
Duration 30 minutes
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Body composition analysis and consultation
Microbiome test

Microbiome test

Microbiome testing is a new scientifically based way of evaluating health. We offer the opportunity to take a test in cooperation with the Genorama laboratory, which gives information about the quantity of intestinal bacteria and directions for achieving a balanced bacterial composition.

The microbiome is the combination of microorganisms in the intestine that influences the health, appetite, body weight, as well as mood. The test answers the following questions:

  • What bacteria are found in my intestine?
  • How do the intestinal bacteria affect the body?
  • Are there sufficient useful/too many harmful bacteria in the intestine?
  • Do the intestinal bacteria encourage excessive weight?
  • Are the nutrition and microbiome in balance or should eating habits be changed?

A varied and balanced microbiome combination is important for ensuring good health and achieving the desired body weight, which is achieved with the right nourishment. If the microbiome of the intestine is out of balance, it may cause disease and other health problems, incl. digestive problems, overweightness, diabetes and allergies. The results of the microbiome analysis include personal nutritional recommendations.

The test is done using a sample of faeces, which can be taken comfortably at home. Make an appointment with a Confido nurse for obtaining a kit for taking a sample for the microbiome test. The appointment will explain things related to the test and how the analysis results are obtained. The orderers of a microbiome test can also get a body composition analysis if desired.

The test results are received after about 3 weeks by e-mail.

The price of the microbiome test is € 140.

It is recommended to do a repeat test to evaluate the effects of the nutritional recommendations received with the results – the first sample is given with the habitual diet and the second with the changed nutritional and lifestyle habits. The price of the repeat test is € 120.

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Lactose and gluten intolerance testing package

Lactose and gluten intolerance is the most common digestion disorder, where the person lacks the means to digest lactose (found in milk products) and gluten (found in cereals). The symptoms may range from slight stomach ache and bloating to diarrhea, intestinal cramps, and blood in stool. Generally, the intolerance does not manifest suddenly, but only after eating the relevant foods in large quantities frequently for a long time.

Today, lactose and gluten intolerance is associated with many other disorders, including indigestion and skin problems (psoriasis, rash, tingling), mental issues such as depression, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases such as hypo- or hypertension, high blood cholesterol, etc.

Confido provides lactose and gluten intolerance testing which lets us determine if your body can digest lactose- and gluten-containing food properly. For testing, make an appointment with our nutritional consultant or family medicine specialist. You will get the results within ten days.

Price of the package 145 €

What is included in the package?

  • Testing
    Performing the lactose and gluten intolerance tests.
  • Analysis and explanation of the results
    Analysis and explanation of the results at a nutritional consulting session. Your personal complaints will be discussed.
  • Recommendations for nutrition
    These recommendations include a list of foods which you should moderate or avoid, and a list of foods you can eat without limitations.
  • Consultation with a nutritional consultant or a GP
    Nutritional consultation for explaining the principles of healthy nutrition based on your individual needs.

How the testing is done

  • Intolerance testing is performed on a blood sample.
  • The blood sample should be collected before going on a gluten-free diet.
  • Before giving the gluten intolerance testing sample you should have some bread or other gluten (wheat) containing food every day for six weeks.
  • You should have at least an hour of free time for lactose tolerance testing.
  • For testing, you will drink lactose solution and give a total of three venous blood samples.
  • You must not eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours before testing.

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Genetic testing for obesity related diseases

The GeneWell test assesses for obesity and related diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and other hereditary risks. The test analyses changes in over 60 disease-related genes.

In addition, an individual’s lifestyle is assessed, clinical data and the impact of various factors on losing weight, such as the regulation of one’s appetite, caloric expenditure, low-calorie diet and performing exercise, etc.

Along with the test, we will give suggestions for how to affect changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise, as well as a one-week sample menu to help promote healthy eating habits.

The test requires a sample of venous blood and a filled-out questionnaire about dietary and exercise habits. You will be able to consult with our geneticist for advice. The test results will be available within 4-6 weeks.

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Identifying hereditary risks for lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a widespread metabolic disorder where the body is unable to digest milk sugar or lactose due to the lack of or the absence of lactase enzymes for digestion. The lactose remains undigested and cannot be absorbed. Lactose intolerance causes abdominal pain and cramps, wind, abdominal gas and diarrhea.

Why is it preferable to do a genetic testing?

  • Distinguishes whether the intolerance is temporary by finding out if the intestinal wall is damaged due to injury or illness.
  • The test is not affected by eating, drinking and the taking of antibiotics or other external factors.
  • Genetic testing is fast, easy and comfortable.

The test requires either a cheek swab or a sample of venous blood. Please consult our geneticist. The results will be available within 2 weeks.

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Determining the hereditary predisposition for celiac disease

Celiac disease is a chronic intolerance to gluten, where one cannot tolerate foods made out of wheat, rye and barley. The absorptive surface of the small intestine is damaged by gluten, which results in nutrient absorption disorders such as chronic diarrhea and wasting away.

We recommend the test if:

  • Celiac disease symptoms are present
  • Corresponding antibodies in the blood sample cannot be found/or the result of the biopsy was inconclusive
  • Close family members have been diagnosed with celiac disease

The test is performed either through a cheek swab or through a sample of venous blood. Please consult our geneticist. The test results will be available within 2 weeks.

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