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Inappropriate diet may be the cause of many health issues. Fatigue, anxiety, excess body weight, hypotension, hypertension, as well as other health issues could be corrected by making small dietary changes.

At Confido, our nutritional and weight management consultant, endocrinologist, and gastric bypass surgeon help you with your nutrition and body weight related problems. The journey to a nutritional and weight management consultant often starts with weight issues. Our nutritional and weight management consultant helps you both lose weight and maintain your weight after reaching your goals.

Important to know

  • While food intolerance and food allergies may have similar symptoms, they are entirely different disorders.
  • Food allergies are diagnosed by an allergologist-immunologist, while lactose and gluten intolerance are managed by a nutritional consultant.

Consultation with a Nutritional Therapist

A nutritional therapist helps to alleviate health problems and enact positive metabolic changes through diet and food supplements. Our nutritional therapists also manage illness-specific diets.

The first consultation focuses on analysing lifestyle and eating habits, then understanding problems and setting goals. If needed, your therapist can recommend specific analyses to test for any dietary deficiencies.

During the second consultation, your therapist will introduce a personal diet and lifestyle plan and explain how to implement simple changes to your daily diet. Your nutritionist will also introduce how to use a food journal.

Further consultations will centre around observing the nutrition plan and lifestyle, analysing changes and providing further instruction. Your nutritional therapist might also recommend and carry out personalized fitness sessions to support the nutritional plan.

When do we recommend a nutritional therapist?

  • For illness-specific diets (including digestive, cardiovascular, nephrological, endocrinological, metabolic, neurological, respiratory, or pulmonary illnesses)
  • For patients with joint problems
  • For prenatal and postnatal weight issues
  • During breastfeeding
  • For vegetarians
  • In case of eating disorders
  • For age-specific dietary recommendations
  • Before and after gastric bypass surgery

A consultation with a nutritional therapist Artur Minenko lasts 45-60 minutes, a repeat visit lasts 30 minutes. Consultation costs 50 euros. A personal training session lasts 30 minutes and costs 40 euros.

A consultation with the nutrition consultant, student of nutrition therapy, Sandra Tamm, lasts 60-90 minutes and costs 50 euros.

Cost 50 €
Duration 30-90 minutes
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  • Artur MinenkoArtur Minenko

Artur Minenko

Nutritional therapist
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Anneli Kõiv

Anneli Kõiv

Nutritional and weight management consultant
Estonian, Finnish, English
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Consultation with a nutritional and weight management consultant

A nutritional and weight management consultant provides practical advice for making your everyday diet more healthy and varied, and for creating a balanced menu. 

The nutritional consultant helps you analyse your menu and find a healthy diet to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. They will also provide tips for grocery shopping and food preparation. The nutritional consultant may also help you create a specific menu and advise you on how to maintain a healthy level of physical activity.

If you have any diagnosed diseases, the nutritional consultant will advise you on healthy nutrition, but will not provide a disease-specific diet.

We definitely recommend a consultation if you would like to lose or gain weight, are concerned about your digestion or skin condition, sleep disorders, persistent fatigue or mood swings, or if you are pregnant and want to eat healthier, or if you have diabetes or some other chronic illness and want to improve your condition by eating better.

We also welcome children with their parents and elderly who want to correct their everyday nutrition.

Before your first appointment, please fill in a health declaration and a 3-5 day food journal that gives the consultant a better overview of your health and helps to assess the problem. Save the journal to your computer. Fill it in on computer or print it out and send the completed version to at your earliest convenience but at least 1 day before the appointment.

Cost 50 €
Duration 60 minutes
Cost 70 €
Duration 90 minutes

Additional consultation via phone or e-mail, 30 euros.

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“Making healthy nutritional choices is easy once you move from eating to nutrition - before sticking anything in your mouth, think what’s in it for your body!”

30-day weight loss challenge “Quick Start”

30-day challenge is a weight loss program that gives you all the necessary tools to achieve the desired weight loss. Our weight management consultant will help you to change your eating habits to achieve long-lasting eating and lifestyle change.The program includes healthy recipes and advice on how to lose weight through healthy and balanced diet. We also offer you the full support of our nutritional and weight management consultant on your 30-day journey.

If you follow the instructions, you will see positive results within a few weeks! 30-day challenge costs 99 euros. Each of the following 30-day program is 10% off.

Price of the package 99 €
Duration of the package 30 days

What’s included in the program?

  • Analysis of the current menu
    Weight management consultant will analyse your food diary and bring out the main mistakes that stop you from losing weight.
  • Nutritional advice
    A long-lasting weight loss is the result of eating a sufficient amount of the right nutrients. Based on the analysis of your menu, the consultant will advice how to change your eating habits based on your lifestyle and needs.
  • 30-day menu
    We have put together a nutritional guide for you for 4 weeks. In addition to an example menu, it also includes 30 recipes for various meals and snacks. You don’t need to guess anymore what and when to eat, all meals are quick and easy to prepare. The menu is built on the principle that meals can be swopped with each other.
  • Shopping list
    A suggested shopping list includes easily accessible and affordable products that make shopping process faster and easier.
  • Ingredient replacements
    The ingredient replacement list offers ideas to replace items you might not enjoy with things you might prefer.
  • Weight management consultant
    Once a week, you will send a photo of the number on your scale to your consultant with any questions you might have. She will answer all your questions, give further recommendations and inspire you to keep going.
  • Consultations
    The program includes two appointments with the nutritional and weight management consultant, either at Confido or via Skype. At the appointments, you can discuss following the plan, the progress, and looking at the results. Additionally, you are offered support to carry on with the challenge.

Who is this program for?

  • Your body is exhausted, you constantly wonder how to lose weight.
  • You don’t feel well, your health is suffering, you don’t fit into your favourite clothes.
  • You feel....different.
  • Your extra kilos are wearing you out physically and mentally.
  • You have repeatedly tried to “get your act together” and tried different diets, though you haven’t managed to lose weight long-term.

Andre Trudnikov

Dr. Andre Trudnikov

Estonian, English, Russian
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Consultation for gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery or bariatric surgery has restored mobility, self-confidence, health, and vitality for many people. The main reasons for wanting gastric bypass surgery are obesity-related complaints, such as fatigue, depression, pain, various health issues, not being able to have children, and reduced life expectancy. Reducing the risk of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, is also frequently quoted as a reason.

Even if it looks like gastric bypass surgery is the only way to change your life, this decision should follow thorough consideration. At Confido, bariatric surgery consultation is provided by Dr Andre Trudnikov, who will discuss the operation, the associated risks, as well as the unavoidable changes in eating habits, thought patterns, movement habits and lifestyle. If necessary, our experienced endocrinologist Dr Tatjana Toomsoo will be brought in. 

We recommend consultation for gastric bypass surgery to people who feel like surgical intervention is the only way to resolve their weight problem. The price of the consultation is 100 euros.

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We recommend gastric bypass surgery consultation to people who feel like surgical intervention is the only way to resolve their weight problem.

Nutritional advising using the coaching method

Nutritional advising using the coaching method can help you, if you have repeatedly tried to lose weight, using different diets and nutritional plans, but they have not led to the desired target and nothing seems to work.

A focus on rapid results, not a permanent change, is the main reason why fast diets and strict nutritional plans bring no long term change. You must step out of your comfort zone to achieve permanent change, try new things, learn to think differently and act. Classical nutritional advising is based on mapping the client’s nutritional habits, analysis and giving advice on establishing a new healthy menu. Nutritional advising, using the coaching method, adds to this, the practice of changing habits. A system of moving towards the target is created, together with the nutritional advisor-coach, targets are established and a realistic plan is devised for moving towards the targets. The coach, helps you find and maintain motivation, recognise your strengths and weaknesses, remove the restricting hindrances, which in turn helps you to stay on the process of losing weight and consistently move towards your desired target.

Coaching is a process. There are no ready solutions here, nor a single approach suitable to everyone. The path to the desired target, is different for each client. Weight loss is not only a change of numbers on the scale, it is a new way of thinking, new habits, new lifestyle.

Successful weight loss is ensured by establishing and maintaining healthy habits.

Cost 50 €
Duration 60 minutes
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Anneli Kõiv

Anneli Kõiv

Nutritional and weight management consultant
Estonian, Finnish, English
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