Nutrition & body weight

The biggest risk of today’s society is improper nutrition and the obesity and diseases it generates. Despite the fact that our supermarkets are full of healthy options and the progress of our medicine has improved, the health of humans in general has not improved. On the contrary, various health and body weight issue have started to thrive. The number of people with weight problems (including men and children) is increasing both in Estonia and in the rest of the world. Achieving a healthy body weight and a general well-being usually does not require more than changing one’s eating habits.

A healthy nutrition does not mean that you have to give up tasty food. It means that you will not eat more nor less than your body needs, and that the nutrition is balanced so that the body gets all the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, vitamins and so on.

„Most of the time it does not take more than changing your eating habits to see your mood improve and weight become normal,“ says the nutritional and weight management consultant of Confido, Anneli Kõiv.



An improper diet can be the reason for many health problems. Our nutritional and weight management consultant, allergologist, immunologist and endocrinologist can help with problems related to nutrition and body weight. Oftentimes the reason for having to visit the nutritional and weight management consultant stems from problems with body weight.

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Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery or the surgical treatment of obesity has improved the lives, confidence, health and vitality of many people.

We recommend consulting the doctor about bariatric surgery for people who feel that surgical intervention is the only possible solution for the weight problem.

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Every person has a unique digestive and immune system. These determine which ingredients can be eaten.

We perform lactose and gluten intolerance tests and identification of coeliac disease and obesity related hereditary diseases.

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