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All people may experience mild and short-term or more severe and long-lasting mental health problems throughout their lives. A psychiatrist assesses the person's mental condition and gives recommendations for further treatment plans, prescribes medications as needed and makes recommendations for going to psychotherapy or visiting another specialist. The frequency of consultations with a psychiatrist and the duration of treatment depend on the patient's condition and the course of the illness; as a rule, the frequency of visits is higher in the initial phase of treatment. The main research method of a psychiatrist is a psychiatric interview; detailed examinations are appointed where necessary.

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    Consultation with a psychiatrist

    A psychiatrist is a specialist who handles people’s mental health problems and focuses on diagnosing, assessing, treating, and preventing mental and behavioural disorders.

    During the lifetime, anyone can experience mental health issues with various levels of severity and length. We recommend first turning to a psychiatrist who can identify the problem and then refer the patient to a psychologist if needed. The frequency of visits and the duration of treatment depends on the patient and illness, usually the patient needs to see the doctor more frequently in the beginning of treatment.

    The psychiatrist’s main approach is a psychiatric interview, further testings are assigned if needed.

    We suggest turning to a psychiatrist if you’ve experienced:

    • mood disorders
    • anxiety
    • memory problems
    • addiction problems
    • severe sleep problems
    • other symptoms related to mental health problems (delusions, issues with reality perception etc)
    • problems that are more severe and potentially need drug intervention

    I use various scientifically based tests and methods to assess and understand patient’s psychological state.

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