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Mental health of children

A child's mental health is the state of physical and mental wellness that enables a child to go through important developmental stages to acquire necessary life skills and reach physical, mental and social maturity. In addition to wellness, the concept of mental health also includes mental health issues, incl. mental disorders. Both hereditary and environmental factors, incl. life events causing continuous stress, play an important part in the development of mental disorders. Another important factor is the relationships surrounding children, especially between children and their parents.

This means that tackling children's mental health problems requires cooperation between as many of the adults in their life as possible.

Child psychiatry focuses on mental disorder diagnosis and intervention planning. All of this is usually done by a team of specialists working together. Our team includes a children's psychiatrist, a clinical children's psychologist, a children's neuropsychologist, a family therapist, a speech therapist, a special education teacher and an art therapist.

Evaluating a child’s cognitive functions

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Cognitive functions are mental processes, which include for example, attention, sense, memory, problem solving, planning, concluding and categorising skills, discussion ability, spatial visualisation and constructive capabilities, language and speech functions, as well as visuomotor skills. These capabilities and skills are very important from the point of view of learning and coping with daily life. Deviations or defects in the described functions may lead to more serious coping and/or socio-emotional problems, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

The determination of the initial causes of apparent problems is of utmost importance from the point of view of an appropriate diagnosis, treatment and intervention. We offer for this reason, to children, a thorough evaluation of cognitive functions. The examination of cognitive functions, depending on the child’s age, includes either general cognitive development (children up to the age of 7) or the precision of mental capacities (children and youths aged 7-18), as well as a more thorough evaluation of cognitive capabilities, (mapping of cognitive strengths and weaknesses). The evaluation of cognitive functions takes place during two meetings with a child’s neuropsychologist.

The strengths, apparent in the cognitive profile, of the child after evaluation, can be taken into consideration, for focusing on supporting the development of weaker functions, as well as teaching suitable compensatory means and techniques.

The evaluation of children’s cognitive functions consists of:

  • A clinical interview for evaluating the general condition and problems
  • Conducting of tests and the filling in of questionnaires
  • An analysis of the results and the compilation of an examination summary.

Good to know:

  • The profile examination of the cognitive development and cognitive capabilities of small children is performed for children aged 2,5 – 7 years
  • A general mental capacity and cognitive capabilities profile examination is performed for children and youths aged 7 – 18 years
  • Take with you glasses or hearing aids, if you use them
  • Take with you the results of previous examinations, if you have done them before
  • Take with you the letter of referral, if a psychiatrist, neurologist or a rehabilitation doctor has provided you with one
  • We recommend coming to the examination fresh and rested
  • The duration of the examination depends on personal capacities and general speed of response. The average duration of the initial meeting is 2 hours
  • A separate meeting takes place for giving feedback on the examination results. A suitable time is agreed upon with the patient, if desired. The feedback duration is up to 30 minutes, at a cost of 50 €


280 €


up to 120 minutes


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(on parental leave)

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Service: Evaluating a child’s cognitive functions

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