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Mental health of children

A child's mental health is the state of physical and mental wellness that enables a child to go through important developmental stages to acquire necessary life skills and reach physical, mental and social maturity. In addition to wellness, the concept of mental health also includes mental health issues, incl. mental disorders. Both hereditary and environmental factors, incl. life events causing continuous stress, play an important part in the development of mental disorders. Another important factor is the relationships surrounding children, especially between children and their parents.

This means that tackling children's mental health problems requires cooperation between as many of the adults in their life as possible.

Child psychiatry focuses on mental disorder diagnosis and intervention planning. All of this is usually done by a team of specialists working together. Our team includes a children's psychiatrist, a clinical children's psychologist, a children's neuropsychologist, a family therapist, a speech therapist, a special education teacher and an art therapist.

Special education teacher consultation

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A special education teacher-advisor focuses on supporting and developing people with special needs. A special education teacher-advisor works with children and youth who require personal support in learning social skills, doing academic studies, as well as in communication. A special education teacher-advisor evaluates the client’s general cognitive capacity and development in different fields (perception, memory, attention and focussing, learning skills and thought processes). The special education teacher-advisor also evaluates the client’s social and communication skills.

There is reason to turn to a special education teacher-advisor, if one suspects that the child has fallen behind in age appropriate development, has difficulties in studying, social skills and communication.

The special education teacher-advisor also evaluates the client’s programme of studies, study methods, as well as the suitability of the study and living environment. The special education teacher-advisor, together with the child’s support network (e.g. parents), helps find ways how to more effectively cope with the child’s peculiarities and which facilities to use, if needed.


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Liina Selgis

Special education teacher-advisor

(on parental leave)

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Service: Special education teacher consultation

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