Mental health

The way a person realises their capabilities, deals with day-to-day stress and does efficient work depends on their mental health. A healthy person can cope with various changes and find best solutions for different problems.

Many people have a difficult time coping with the ever-increasing speed of everyday life. It is best not to be alone with your problems but to seek help from a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a neuropsychologist, psychotherapist or coach. The key to good mental health is actively dealing with eventual crises, stress and difficulties.

Therapists and psychologists at the Centre of Mental Health see patients on site as well as via video call.

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„All people encounter difficulties in their lives. Oftentimes these people are the very people that society regards as being successful. Luckily, more and more people think of cooperation with the psychologists as part of life," says clinical psychologist Margus Laurik.


Everyone faces problems, experiences tension and difficult situations in their life.
In Confido, our clinical psychologist, health psychologist and psychologist-therapists can help to solve the problems of relationships, anxiety, addictions, eating and mood disorders.

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Mental health issues should not be tackled just with medication – it is also important to determine the hidden reasons and uncover resources to resolve the situation. In more difficult cases combined therapy is indicated – counselling or psychotherapy in combination with medication.

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During tough times, it is good if someone helps you to clarify unclear or complicated situations, locate your goals and opportunities, and understand the reasoning behind others’ behaviours. A coach can also help you to train needed skills and implement behaviour changes.

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Therapies help to create clarity of mind and to unravel life’s tangles

Life has become very fast and the world cluttered, says Confido Private Medical Clinic’s Clinical Psychologist Margus Laurik. Many people find it hard to cope. Even those who we consider successful and use as our social yardsticks.

Everyone will encounter problems, stress and difficult situations. Sometimes they continue to no end and cause a decline in well-being, cause sleep and eating disorders and conflict. It is good when people realize that they need help with their problems or to work through a crisis. However, it is too often believed nowadays, that only medications can help to solve such problems.

Therapy is our first recommendation, which can be combined with medications if necessary. However, it often turns out that the medications are not needed.

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Margus Laurik

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