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Mental Health

The way a person realises their capabilities, deals with day-to-day stress and does efficient work depends on their mental health. A healthy person can cope with various changes and find best solutions for different problems. Many people have a difficult time coping with the ever-increasing speed of everyday life. It is best not to be alone with your problems but to seek help from a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a neuropsychologist, psychotherapist or coach. The key to good mental health is actively dealing with eventual crises, stress and difficulties. Therapists and psychologists at the Centre of Mental Health see patients on site as well as via video call.

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Psychologists deal with the assessment of the psyche and mental disorders as well as the alleviation, treatment and prevention of psychological stress and disorders.



A psychiatrist specialises in people's mental health problems, focusing on the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and prevention of mental and behavioural disorders.



Specialists in various areas who focus on the prevention of mental health issues and promote means of coping.


Mental health of children

Confido has a separate mental health team dedicated to children. It comprises a child psychologist, clinical psychologists, family therapists, a special education teacher and a speech therapist.


      We offer

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      Individual art therapy

      Visual arts therapy is a branch of creative art therapy where art-based methods and techniques are used to reach goals arising from the health of the client.


      Family therapy

      Family and couples therapy is focused on the relationships and the quality thereof between people who are close to each other. It aims to support mutual understanding, emotional support and intimacy.