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The laser therapy department of Confido was until 2019 named Vitaclinika). It consists of 18 doctors, nurses and beauticians. Since 2002, we have been providing medical services in Estonia in the fields of dermatology, surgery, proctology, phlebology and gynecology, and offer in total for more than 250 modern and safe services. The special feature of laser procedures is their high efficiency and minimal recovery period compared to traditional medicine.
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    Nail fungus diagnostics

    Nail fungus usually starts at the edge of your nail as either a whitish or yellowish spot. Over a period of time, the infection spreads to the entire nail plate, which causes hyperkeratosis or nail separation. Besides it being aesthetically unpleasing, this kind of nail can cause pain and be a source of infection.

    Fungi that cause fungal infections on the nails and smooth skin are called dermatophytes. Dermatophytosis affects between 10% and 15% of people.

    Thus, nails fungus diagnostics is necessary to find the best treatment method. At the appointment, a nurse will conduct a medical history check and perform all necessary tests (PCR test and blood sample). The sample material is taken from a visible lesion in the proximal nail fold area, in the nail plate surface area or under the nail plate. The sample can be material taken from nails or other larger pieces (2-5 mm).

    Prior to nail fungus diagnostics

    Before the sample material is retrieved, please avoid using creams, varnishes and medications on the lesion area.

    Nail fungus treatment

    If nail fungus tests are positive, you will be referred to a dermatologist’s follow-up consultation (€20), where they will determine the appropriate treatment. Treatment of fungus infection is done orally in most cases. Before prescribing medication, blood tests S-ASAT and S-ALAT should be done in order to examine liver and kidney performance indicators.

    The test results will arrive within five to seven working days. After the test results arrive, the patient will be contacted and then decide with the doctor how to proceed with treatment.

    Nail fungus diagnostics
    75 €

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