Sexual health


Everyone should regularly check their intimate health, even if there are no specific complaints. You should prevent issues and take steps to protect your health as early as possible.

For women this may include choosing age- and lifestyle-appropriate contraception, maintaining regular menstrual cycles, cytological tests for early discovery of cancerous changes, relief for menopausal symptoms, and much more.

Men should regularly see a men’s health specialist to prevent health issues and restore peace of mind. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Estonian men.

Important to know

  • Men’s health examinations are meant for men of all ages.
  • Regular gynaecological examinations are necessary for women of all ages.
  • For intimate health examinations, make an appointment with our general practitioner (GP), gynaecologist, or urologist.
  • The consultation price does not include the cost of any examinations or analyses.

Insertion of contraceptive implant

The insertion of an implant under the skin of the upper arm is an increasingly popular method of contraception, but the implant may only be inserted and removed by a trained specialist. The implant itself is a small flexible plastic rod which releases the contraceptive into the bloodstream at a constant rate over time.

The implant is suitable for women of all ages (nulliparous, parous, or breastfeeding) who are in need of effective contraception. The implant is an especially suitable solution for women for whom estrogen-containing contraception, such as pills, vaginal rings or patches, are contraindicated.

A doctor uses a special needle to insert the implant under the skin on the upper arm, where it may remain for up to three years. The insertion is painless, because local anesthesia is applied. The price of the insertion by a gynaecologist is 100 euros.

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Men’s health examination

All men should regularly see a men’s health specialist for the early detection of risk factors for common prostate conditions, bladder problems, and of serious health issues impacting the functioning of the genital tract and their sex life.

Prostate conditions are very common. Therefore men of all ages, especially middle aged men, should undergo regular prostate examinations to detect any risk factors as early as possible. You should definitely see a doctor if you spot any changes in your testicles, as testicular cancer progresses extremely quickly. Do not hesitate to turn to a doctor if you suspect you might have a sexually transmitted infection.

At Confido, men’s health examinations are performed by esteemed urologists Dr Toomas Tamm and internationally acknowledged Dr Aare Mehik. If you have any concerns or issues, we recommend that you consult the doctor, who will advise you on the examinations and tests you may require. In addition to the price of a consultation, any examinations or tests will be charged additionally.

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The earlier the patient talks about his problems to a doctor, the more the doctors can do for him.

Vaccination for cervical cancer (HPV)

Cervical cancer is the second most commonly lethal malignant tumor among young women (15-44 years) in Estonia and in Europe in general. The most common cause by far of cervical cancer is infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV. There are more than a hundred types of papillomavirus, and only a portion of them is associated with cancer.

Vaccination helps prevent cervical cancer. While vaccination does not completely eliminate the risk of developing cervical cancer, it reduces the risk considerably. Depending on age, vaccination includes 2-3 injections administered in the course of 12 months.

Vaccination for cervical cancer or HPV is above all recommended for young women, but can provide women of any age protection against the viruses which most commonly lead to cervical cancer.


Good to know

  • Procedure is mostly painless. It is carried out under local anesthesia.
  • It is recommended to avoid physical activity and being sexually active in the 48 hours.
  • Vasectomy is not an immediately effective contraceptive method. For the next three months, alternative methods of contraception are recommended. Before quitting alternative methods, a semen analysis needs to be run to make sure that the procedure has been successful. A human body can recanalise the tubes in about 2% of the cases.
  • Vasectomy does not affect sexual functioning or increase any health risks.


Vasectomy (also called male sterilisation) is a male contraceptive method where the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles (i.e. vas deferens) are cut or blocked. Thus, the sperm do not reach semen or seminal vesicles. This simple minor surgery is nearly 100% effective method of contraception. It is important to know that vasectomy is a permanent method of contraception.

Legally, vasectomy is allowed in Estonia for men who are at least 35 years old, or for men who have at least three children or have another medical indication. Urologists, Dr Aare Mehik and Dr Toomas Tamm perform vasectomy at Confido. Please set an appointment with one of our urologists to discuss vasectomy options.

The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes + observation for 40 minutes.

Price of the procedure 450 €
Duration of the procedure 20-30 minutes

Sexual health consultations for young people

Young people of both sexes aged 27 or under are welcome to attend consultations on sexual health.

During midwife appointments, you will receive professional advice on puberty-related changes and questions and we will provide quick answers to any questions on sexual health you may be concerned about, e.g.:

  • what should I be aware of when starting my first sexual relationship?
  • what contraceptive is best for me, how to use prescription medicinal products correctly, who gives prescriptions for contraceptives?
  • how do sexually transmitted diseases spread, how can I protect myself and my partner, what are the symptoms of STDs, what does STD testing look like?

In addition, you can take tests on site during your appointments (incl. for HIV).

Midwives also help determine pregnancy and provide consultation in the case of unwanted pregnancies.

Midwives are specialists in their field who provide support and advice to young people both on medicinal and psychosocial issues to keep sexual health in check.

Consultation available in Estonian and English

Consultation is priced at 30 €
Duration 30 minutes
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Iti Mall Koplik