Sexual health

Taking care of sexual health is as important as taking care of your appearance or relationships. Every woman should have routine gynaecological check-ups even if there are no complaints.

Although it is a less common notion that men have to protect them from serious health problems, men also need to have regular urological check-ups. Serious problems relating to prostate gland and infertility are more common among men and they become more prevalent with age.

Preventive maintenance is the most efficient treatment. Everyone should regularly check their intimate health, even if there are no specific complaints.


It is wise to prevent health problems and take the necessary steps to protect your health from early on. Be it the choice of contraceptives, ensuring a regular menstrual cycle, undergoing examinations for tumorous changes, mitigating discomforts of change of life.
Men too should regularly visit the urologist if only for their own peace of mind.

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At Confido, urologists welcome patients and deal with diagnosing and treating urinary and sexually transmitted infections. Gynaecologists help women from puberty to menopause – with preventing and treating infections and diseases. Women’s physiotherapist helps with weak pelvic floor muscles, muscle tone issues, perineal tears and related issues.

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Examinations & Therapies

At Confido, all general intimate health examinations and analyses can be carried out: prostate and cervical testings, ultrasounds, testing for sexually transmitted infections, postnatal abdominal assessments, and genetic testings.
There are therapies available to help women conceive and to support with postnatal issues.

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