Liina Selgis

Liina Selgis

Special education teacher-advisor (on maternity leave)

Liina Selgis has graduated from the Tallinn University with a Master’s Degree in the field of special pedagogy (2018). Liina considers constant development in the field, supporting the family, as well as individual and solution centred approaches to be important in her work. She considers it also to be important to get experiences outside of Estonia and therefore was a volunteer in 2018-2019 in Denmark, in a school for youths with special needs. She also belongs to the Estonian Association of Special Educators. Liina has done a lot of training in the field of disorders on the autistic spectrum, but she is also especially interested in alternative communication, sensory diets and cognitive communication.

I am a happy person because I love what I do. I think special education is an exciting and constantly developing field. I like to work with people and broaden my views on the possibilities of being human, no matter what hand nature has dealt them. I believe that we all have the right to a full life and self-expression, even if we have communication disorders, physical disorders or other illnesses. I consider it important to support the family in raising a child with special needs and value an individual and solution-based approach. I use a variety of special education methods and interventions according to the patient's needs. My professional work is also supported by my personal experience of living with a person with special needs. I can understand the complexities as well as the everyday joys of this journey.

Working language

  • Estonian
  • English