Kärt Maanas

Kärt Maanas

Andrology nurse

I graduated from Tallinn Medical School in 1996 with a degree in nursing. In 2000, I continued my studies at the same school with a wish to acquire an applied higher education degree. Later at Jüvasküla Higher Vocational School, I became a sexual health counsellor as well. I have the longest experience in the field of andrology. I have been working with the various health problems of men for 15 years, offering independent nurse appointments at the Men’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital. I believe that during these years I have gained a lot of experience. In my work, I have also encountered concerns related to the sexuality of men in wheelchairs. I have conducted training for nurses on sexual health and men’s health. I have been involved in youth counselling to some extent. I have taken part in several sexual health prevention projects, during which we visited Estonian prisons to give lectures to detainees. I have also given lectures on sexual health in the Estonian Defence Forces. In addition, I have conducted training on sexual health for young people with special needs.

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Specialist: Kärt Maanas

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As men’s life expectancy and healthy life years are much lower than those of women, I consider it important to promote men’s health behaviours and risk awareness to support men in improving their lifestyles through prevention and to deal with health problems that have already arisen.