Heart & blood vessels

In Estonia, cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death. We rank first in Europe and in the world in deaths to cardiovascular diseases. The main causes of heart diseases are insufficient exercise, smoking, overuse of alcohol, overweight, stress, insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetable, and overuse of salt.

At Confido, we give a lot of our attention to providing heart related services. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are spokespersons of their field even in the public eye, thereby contributing to the improvement of public health and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Heart is one of the most important organs of our body which makes noticing the signs of threats an important task. Noticing an early sign of a possible heart attack can save a life.


At Confido, we will examine the condition of your cardiovascular system, assess the risk of heart diseases, consult and provide personal suggestions on how to prevent heart diseases.
We strongly recommend men to have their risk of heart disease evaluated because they have a higher likelihood of getting it.

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Our clinic employs general practicioners (GPs), heart specialists and a vascular surgeon. We recommend visiting them to get an assessment of your personal risk of getting a disease. They also give advice on lifestyle, diagnose and treat diseases, and give an expert opinion on your health condition and treatment plans.

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During a consultation, the doctor will decide on the need and extent of examinations. Then an appointment time is agreed upon.

We perform all the primary cardiovascular examinations in our clinic or in cooperation with major hospitals and other clinics.

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