Healthy body

Bones, muscles, joints and tendons make up the framework of our body which supports and protects us. This task bears a big burden on our body.

We often only notice the importance and existence of our bones, muscles and joints when there is a disturbance in their functioning whether it is because of a bone fracture, bone rarefaction or something similar that impairs our ability to move.

The main goal of our physiotherapists and doctor of chiropractic is to help you recover effectively, so you can return to your regular daily life.

Our body is our temple, the house of our soul. The reviving inner mechanism of the body will become stronger if the body is taken care of.


Often, you need professional and personalised guidance and treatment to recover from an injury, trauma, or surgery. Our doctor of chiropractic and physiotherapists are dedicated to help you assess your problem, give advice on the best treatment options, and help you recover without any complications.

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Massage therapies

You need professional support to recover from smaller injuries and traumas, release stress, or reduce chronic pain or posture problems. Our massage therapists and oriental therapies help you to stay true to your inner self, improve quality of life, and support physical and emotional health.

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Sometimes we encounter uncomfortable or embarrassing problems that affect our self-worth and quality of life. Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, is a disorder where you don’t have to suffer forever. We offer injections to reduce or stop excessive sweating.

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Yumeiho® therapy relieves pain and cures postural disorders

Yumeiho is a Japanese holistic therapy, which uses deep tissue massage and Sei Tai (joint manipulation) techniques in correcting and balancing the spine and pelvis, which helps to contribute to the elimination of the bodily concerns and to help heal the body spontaneously.

During a therapy session, all the parts of the body are massaged and the joints manipulated in a natural and painless manner. Yumeiho therapy focuses on the adjusting of the position of the spine and pelvis, which results in improved posture, relieves muscle tension and aches and pains in the back and legs, improves the functioning of internal organs and speeds up the entire body’s metabolism.

The feeling after a therapy session is like „being reborn“ – your legs feel light, and your body and mind are refreshed and rested. We recommend 10-15 sessions for chronic pain and long term postural problems to achieve permanent long-term effects.

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Janika Vaikjärv

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