General Practitioners


We perform many different medical examinations such as measuring blood pressure, ECG, spirometry, various ultrasonographic scans, Holter-monitoring, sleep analysis, birthmark examination, angiography, Hotman’s test, and other specific examinations.

We are able to provide all of the remaining medical examinations and analyses in cooperation with other clinics, hospitals and licensed laboratories.

Important to know

  • During the consultation, the doctor determines whether and to what extent the examination is needed. They are usually performed on another time that is suitable for both parties.
  • You can come and have your birthmarks examined without the doctor’s prescription.
  • The price of the medical examination is not included in the price of the consultation.

Medical ultrasound or ultrasonography

Ultrasonography allows us to observe, measure and assess the size, shape and structure of organs and the direction and speed of blood flow. A doctor usually assesses the need for an ultrasonography, however, if you have a health concern, you can come in without a doctor’s referral for a peace of mind.

Confido offers all ultrasound imaging (except for pregnancy) for adults and children. Booking an appointment time is required.

  • Ultrasound of abdominal organs assesses the structure of various abdominal organs and helps to notice abnormalities.
  • Prostate ultrasonography helps to to specify the volume, shape, and structure of the prostate and diagnose any tumorous lesions. Read more »
  • Doppler ultrasound of blood vessels allows to diagnose thromboses and vasoconstrictions, it also allows us to discover a disease in an early stage. Read more »
  • Heart ultrasound or echocardiography is carried out by cardiologists to assess heart’s abilities and diagnose heart failure. Read more »
  • Ultrasound of thyroid helps to assess the size of the thyroid gland and discover changes in nodules. The ultrasound is carried out in the neck area.
  • Ultrasound of carpal tunnel is carried out by a neurologist to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome that is caused by the compression of the median nerve in the hand. Read more »
  • Gynaecological ultrasound is carried out regularly by gynaecologists to assess the structure of the pelvic area, vagina, cervix and to notice any abnormalities. Read more »

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X-ray Imaging

The results of an X-ray imaging can be used by the radiologist or the treating physician to gain information for further treatment and decisions. Confido carries out X-ray examinations on the head area (including sinuses and skull), bones, joints, chest, spine, pelvis, and abdominal area.

The imaging is usually quick and painless. Depending on the area, you need to remove jewellery, glasses, and other metal objects.

A radiologist assesses the results and then sends these to the referred doctor. We can provide the X-ray imaging on a USB flash drive if needed. For walk-in customers, X-ray examinations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternatively, you can book an appointment time in advance.

X-ray imaging is always carried out based on doctor’s referral.

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Additional examinations

We perform special examinations for the most important human health issues in general and that are related functions of various organs. Most of them are performed at Confido, and often at the same time with the consultation.

  • Cardiac stress test »
    Stress test is a diagnostic measure to assess cardiovascular system, to understand the problems associated with cardiac arrhythmia, chest pains etc, and also to evaluate the treatment outcomes in patients with cardiovascular problems. Stress test can evaluate healthy individual’s performance capabilities.
  • Sleep analysis »
    To assess the causes of sleep disorders, a sleep analysis is performed in a home environment. With special apparatus, a specialist monitors the bodily parameters, on the basis of which the sleep disorder could be diagnosed.
  • Spirometry or pulmonary function test »
    The test examines lung volume and the rate at which air passes through the windpipe when breathing forcefully. Spirometry is usually performed in order to diagnose and monitor treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.
  • Birthmark examination or Dermtest »
    The examination reveals whether a birthmark has characteristics that are signs of skin cancer, melanoma or of their formation and whether the birthmark should be removed or needs further observation.
  • Examination for multiple birthmarks (3+) »
    We recommend whole body examination (dermatoscopy) if you have numerous birthmarks or pigmented areas that show growth or change. The examination is carried out by a dermatologist. You will immediately receive results with recommendations and suggestions.
  • Hotman's® test»
    Hotman's® test diagnoses with state-of-the-art technology hypertonia, and determines the most suitable treatment for a particular individual.
  • Arteriography »
    The imaging technique enables to assess the condition of the arteries, determine whether there is a risk of heart disease and diagnose early arteriosclerosis and its severity.
  • Peripheral vascular examination »
    The examination includes an assessment of the overall condition of the vascular system, an analysis of health complaints, an objective check-up and a measuring of pulse of the extremities. It forms the basis from which a treatment plan can developed.