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Your health and well-being is not only influenced by medicine, but also by your choices and control over your own life. We at Confido believe that people are able to avoid certain health concerns on their own. We will support you along this path in many ways.

With our GPs and nurses, you will be able to take part in activities that will help prevent illnesses and maintain your health. Various physical examinations, tests and consultation services will give a thorough overview of your general health, and vaccinations given at key periods in life will help prevent several infectious diseases and viruses. We recommend having an annual medical examination, which will help a GP to track any health related changes and to give appropriate recommendations.

Be happy, healthy and balanced

  • Spend time and move around every day in the fresh air
  • Eat balanced and healthy meals
  • Drink at least one liter of water a day
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Do not consume too much sugar and alcohol

Health Examination

Health examination is carried out to gain a whole perspective of your overall health. Within the health examination, the different organ systems of your body will be assessed, placing special emphasis on your cardiovascular fitness as well as your muscles and joints. Your emotional and psychological well-being indicators will also be assessed to establish your overall well-being.

According to age, hereditary risk factors, lifestyle and work factors, doctors will give recommendations on how to maintain good health and to ensure maximum performance.

Health examination is simple and comfortable - a well-experienced doctor will examine you at a suitable time and after the examination, you will always receive recommendations on how to maintain healthy. We recommend health examinations for both adults and children.

The price of the consultation is 60 euros, in addition the price of further tests and analyses.

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Vaccinations are the most effective and safe way of protecting yourself from serious infectious diseases. We do seasonal influenza vaccinations, tick-borne encephalitis and cervical cancer vaccinations, travel-related vaccinations and all other vaccinations for both children and adults. Nurses and GPs can give advice on the advantages and disadvantages concerning vaccinations.

All of the vaccinations conducted by our center will be marked in your vaccination passport. When necessary, we will issue a new passport. We will remind you when it is time for a booster shot, and when it is time to come for the next vaccination.

  • Against seasonal outbreaks of influenza viruses we recommend both adults and children starting at the age of 6, receive a flu vaccination every autumn.
  • Against tick-borne encephalitis we recommend adults and children starting at the age of 1, get vaccinated any time of the year.
  • Against cervical cancer or HPV infection, we recommend vaccinations for young women in particular, as well as other women. The vaccination will protect them from most common cervical cancer causing viruses.
  • When travelling we will help to assess the travel area and the associated health risks. We will also compile a vaccination program and give the necessary vaccinations. Read more »

Travel consultation

With travel there are serious health risks involved due to climate change, unfamiliar foods or from the spread of infectious diseases.

During a travel consultation, we will discuss all of the details of your trip and the health risks in those areas. In accordance to these details, we will compose a personal vaccination program and give recommendations on what measures of disease prevention and hygiene rules to follow and which medications and other resources to take along with you to protect yourself from illnesses. A travel advisor will also take into account the needs of the children who may be travelling along.

We will issue an internationally valid Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis certificate which states that vaccination against yellow fever has been done, which is required by many countries before entering. With travel vaccinations, travel consultation by Confido is always included. The price of the travel consultation is 25 euros (plus the price of the vaccinations).

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