General Practitioners

If you have health issues, you should first contact a General Practitioner (GP). We have recognised GPs working for us, who we recommend you come see if you need a check up or need advice on how to stay healthy. You should also come if you need an expert opinion about your health concerns or if you have a long-term problem or chronic illness. For a sudden illness or unexpected health concern, it is possible to arrange an urgent consultation with a doctor via telephone.

Everyone is welcome at the reception

  • adults and children who belong to the state GP system, but cannot or choose not to turn to their own GP
  • those with no health insurance or those Estonian citizens or foreign citizens with private health insurance, who appreciate good quality service and a convenient location at the heart of Tallinn

A time must be booked in advance for an appointment. All services are billed. The price of initial consultation is 60 euros plus the fee of further tests and analyses.

Reception for GPs and nurses
From Monday to Friday 8.30am – 7pm

Blood work
Monday to Friday 8.30am – 9.30am

Monday to Friday 9am – 1pm

Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm

Book an appointment

To book an appointment, you may also call +372 6299 277 or send an email to

What kind of help can you receive from a GP?

  • Physical Examination
    Good health is essential for an energetic and fulfilling life. Starting at the age of 40, everyone should pass a yearly medical exam. A child’s development will be monitored during a physical examination and the parents will be counseled. A physical examination is a thorough study of an individual’s health. Read more »
  • Diagnosing disease and treatment
    GPs help to evaluate the risk of disease and diagnose illnesses. GP treats the whole family, children as well as adults. When needed, a GP will consult with a more specific specialist. If necessary, the doctor will determine what needs to be analysed, will direct to additional testing, will put together a treatment plan and will give recommendations on how to maintain good health. In less severe cases, a nurse will be able to help and give recommendations.
  • Issuing prescriptions
    We can help you with issuing repeat prescriptions. Doctors issue repeat prescriptions only based on medical history, either on paper or online. We pay special attention to issuing narcotic prescriptions. We do not issue these prescriptions if the information is missing or inaccurate. Read more »
  • Analysis and testing
    We are able to conduct a variety of analyses, as well as a variety of on-site testing, for example measuring blood pressure, EKG, Holter testing, spirometric testing, ultrasound and many other specific tests. Working with other clinics, hospitals and recognised laboratories, all medical testing and analyses can be performed. Read more »
  • Minor surgeries and different procedures
    Nurses and when necessary GPs, will care for wounds, remove stitches, give injections, give intra-articular injections, care for various skin lesions, removal of birth marks and giving local anesthesia. We also perform minor surgical procedures. Read more »
  • Health certificates
    We will issue various health certificates for official purposes, such as obtaining car or other motor vehicle driving permits or weapons permits, for obtaining employment or educational purposes, as well as resuming employment. Read more »
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“If a person keeps track of their own health, it is hard to find a doctor, who would know better than that person, what would be best for their health.” Socrates

Our specialist doctors and nurses for families, emergency services doctors, general practitioners

Dr Eret Jaanson

Eret Jaanson

General Practitioner

“We are a person’s primary advisor about their health care concerns and issues throughout their life.“

Dr Elmira Mamedova

Elmira Mamedova

General Practitioner

“We want to be personal health experts for people, which is really enjoyable work.“

Dr Eve Kivistik

Eve Kivistik

General Practitioner

“We give all the support to our patients in today’s complicated medical system.“

Dr Iris Koort

Iris Koort

General Practitioner

“We rejoice when we can find a solution to a person’s long standing concern.“

Marko Ölluk

Marko Ölluk

General Practitioner

“We consider it important to give comprehensive information about the solution to person’s complaints.“

Ingrid-Liliana Peetris

Ingrid-Liliana Peetris

Emergency services doctor

“It is important to help a person with their worries and find solutions to unsolved problems with love and devotion. “

Andreas Abel

Andreas Abel

General Practitioner

“We, as doctors, always try to consider the wishes and views on life of people.“

Liisi Juhe

Liisi Juhe


“We are expecting you at the agreed time for your appointment. There are no long waits in our waiting room.“

Laura Nurk

Laura Nulk


“All of the procedures are done by our skilled nurses, quickly, discreetly and as painlessly as possible.“

Hille Alamaa

Hille Alamaa


“We want to be personal health experts for people, which is really enjoyable work.“


Keiu-Karin Michelson


“We welcome all ages and nationalities.“

Silja Tina

Silja Tina

Head nurse

“Nurses are involved in the prevention of diseases, patient counseling and nursing procedures.“


Issuing Health Certifications

We issue health certificates for official purposes, for example for driver’s license, weapons permit, Defense Resources Agency, adoption, studying, and for employers. Before issuing a certificate, you will complete a health examination, give any needed analyses, and/or have an x-ray.

  • In order to apply for the health certificate for motor vehicle driver or for weapons permit, you need to complete a health declaration online
  • For work and study certificate we ask you to bring a passport photo. A digital passport photo can be downloaded from and sent to us via e-mail.
  • For weapons permit, you can undergo the health examination and the mental state examination by the psychiatrist quickly and conveniently at the same place. If possible, we offer all appointments at the same day.
  • For your health examination appointment, please bring an ID, glasses, contact lenses, and any other aids (for example, hearing aid or prosthesis).
  • If during your health examination, we discover any health issues that might stop you from getting a health certificate, we will refer you to a specialist or for further testing (for example, to the ophthalmologist or for sleep analysis). Only after these appointments, we can issue a health certificate.

Renewing prescriptions

Renewing a prescription for the first time in Confido takes place after a consultation from our doctor either in our clinic or by telephonein our clinic. consultation. The price of this service is the price of doctor’s consultation. Our doctor makes the decision about prescription renewal based on the consultation.

Please notify us of your wish to extend your prescription for continuous treatment prescribed at Confido 1-2 weeks before the medication runs out by sending an e-mail to or calling 1330. This will ensure that the request to extend the prescription reaches your doctor in time. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that the prescription will be extended before the medication runs out.

In Confido we do not usually renew the following medications:

Benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-like drugs (ie Z-drugs), strong painkillers (opioids), methylphenidate, phenobarbital, other narcotic and psychotropic drugs.

Renewal of benzodiazepins can be done by our doctor:

  • If the patient’s own regular doctor works in Confido
  • If the patient can provide our doctor written or electronic document from his/hers own regular doctor concerning the need and dosage of the medication in question. Also there needs to be a well justified reason why the patient’s own regular doctor cannot renew the medication in question.

In these situations our doctor may renew the smallest amount possible of the medication in question and ask the patient to be in contact with his/hers own regular doctor or schedule a meeting with an appropriate specialist at Confido to have a follow-up about the treatment.


Hunters watchtower

Health examination and mental state examination for weapons permit

For weapons permit, you can undergo the health examination and the mental state examination by the psychiatrist quickly and conveniently at the same place. If possible, we offer all appointments at the same day.

During the health examination, the abilities of your organs are evaluated. Additionally, your emotional and psychosocial health is tested.

Mental state examination is a psychiatrist’s assessment of a person’s mental state. Psychiatrist’s assessment is needed as there are a number of tasks where people cannot have a mental disorder as they might endanger others’ life, well-being, or health.

If no problems are discovered during your health examination, we can issue a health certificate.

Price 130 euros.