Exercise classes

We care about people’s health as a whole. The basis for a strong health and good feeling is an active lifestyle. Therefore, we at Confido are now offering several exercise classes that strengthen your body and refresh your mind.

Our trainers are the top specialists and well respected in their fields, they trust both the Western and the Eastern medicine and can also help people who are already struggling with health issues. The trainers are focused on improving individuals’ physical and mental health, preventing health issues, and helping to recover from diseases and injuries. Our training groups are personalised and trainer will pay attention to each individual in the class, thus only 12 people can take part at a time.

Important to know

  • Booking is required, either on the phone 6299 277, or via e-mail info@confido.ee
  • There is a changing room and a shower at our centre
  • Mats and equipment also offered
  • There is also a possibility to ask for individual classes where the trainers can only focus on your health and needs and give personalised advice.

Exercise classes

Merike Villard
Tuesdays 12.00 – 13.00


Merike Villard

Merike Villard



Shindo’s easy and effective stretching movements help you to relax, balance the body and mind, and reduce the physical and emotional tension. 

A supporting touch is an important part of Shindo and through it, the trainer helps you to go deeper and find a better connection with yourself.

Shindo originating from Japan, similarly to other Eastern practices, believes that qi, i.e. energy flow, moves through meridians.

Stretching movements open the meridians and help to keep them open. If our energy flows and we have no blockages, we stay healthy. 

Please come to Shindo wearing comfortable clothes, barefoot, or in toe socks. 

Price 15 €
Duration 60 minutes