Consultation and therapy session with a manual therapist

Consultation and therapy session with a manual therapist

Manual therapy can help diagnose and remedy specific skeletomuscular problems through precise manual techniques. Targeted manual techniques can help to balance and improve musculoskeletal structures.

During the first consultation, the manual therapist will assess the general health status, identify a problem through specific observation and manual testing, test the current state of musculoskeletal system, and carry our the first therapy session. If needed, the therapist can also recommend postural evaluation and ultrasound for a better understanding of muscular system.

Manual therapy is only effective if working with an experienced professional therapist as the therapy includes very exact muscle and joint manipulation. An experienced manual therapist Toomas Proovel offers manual therapy and examinations at Confido Private Medical Clinic. Read more »

Children from the age of 7 are welcome. Please bring your earlier examination results if you have access to these. Price 60 €, duration 50 minutes.

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Consultation with a women’s health physiotherapist

Women’s health physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu focuses on weak and flexible pelvic floor muscles that happen due to pregnancy, childbirth, gynaecological surgeries or menopause. The physiotherapist is also expert in perineal tears and related pains and movement issues.

During the first consultation, the physiotherapist evaluates abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with electromyography and ultrasound and assesses the overall problem. Based on the assessment, the physiotherapist suggests an action and therapy plan. To achieve lasting results, specific exercises need to be practised regularly at home.

If you have recently given birth, turn to a physiotherapist after your postnatal gynaecological checkup. Read more »

  • The price of therapy with consultation and ultrasound is 80 euros. Duration is 60 minutes.
  • The price of consultation with a women’s health physiotherapist is 50 euros. Duration is 30 minutes.

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The women's physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu is on maternity leave and therefore in the year 2019 there are restricted times available for appointments.

Urine leakages during laughing, sneezing, coughing, or doing sports is not a norm. It can successfully be treated.

Consultation with a physiotherapist

Unexpected injuries, traumas, or dislocations can happen to any of us during our daily activities. Often professional and personalised advice is required for the best advice and treatment. Physiotherapy focuses on preventing health problems, alleviating pain, and maintaining, improving, and restoring range of motion and strength of muscles.

To get help from a physiotherapist, you need to register for a first consultation where a comprehensive health assessment will be carried out, so the most effective and personalised treatment methods can be suggested based on your individual goals and needs.

At the same time, physiotherapist and the patient will decide on the best treatment plan and the time schedule to carry it out. Read more »

The first consultation and therapy session is 45 euros and takes 50-60 minutes. Repeated session is 30 euros and lasts for 40 minutes.

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