Consultation with the codependency counsellor

Consultation with the codependency counsellor

Codependency is a strong emotional dependency on another person with an intention to control and change the other person’s addictive behaviour. Recovery from codependency begins with the analysis of one’s life situation, reaction patterns, relationships and self-esteem.

The codependency counsellor helps to understand the relationship dynamics in the original family of the client, supports in finding suppressed feelings and reconnecting with oneself. In counselling, different therapy methods are used according to the specific needs of the clients, with a focus on body psychotherapy and experience counselling.

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A damaging and complicated relationship functions as a drug that helps to escape from the pain inside.

Consultation with the addiction counsellor

During the consultation the counsellor gives the client an overview of chemical addictions, explains in detail the nature of alcohol, drug and prescription drug addiction. A thorough overview is given of the benefits and prerequisites of the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Programme.

In order to join the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Programme another consultation is scheduled to give a detailed estimate of the addiction disorder, for example, to estimate the level of addiction to alcohol, codependency or other health issues.

Addiction counsellor Kaja Heinsalu is the founder of the TSF Clinic and ultimately has been successfully practising the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Programme in Estonia.

The fee for the consultation is 50 euros and the duration 60 minutes.

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My goal is to guarantee a confidential and humane recovery to my clients and help them to get over the feelings of shame and guilt