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At Confido Surgery Clinic, we provide patients with high-level planned surgical treatment using modern and patient-friendly technologies. We perform both surgery and inpatient treatment

Security and privacy are guaranteed

Confido Surgery Clinic has 4 operating theaters equipped with excellent technology and staff. For recovery, there is an intensive care ward, a recovery room with 9 beds, 7 comfort chairs, and 11 private wards to ensure privacy.

Modern and comfortable stay

Our new wards are modern and designed for your comfortable recovery. There is a television in the room, the window offers a magnificent view of the center of Tallinn and the sea. While staying in the private room of the Surgery Clinic, you can choose food from the menu yourself.

We offer paid and Health Insurance Fund services

We offer paid operations. Several procedures are also covered by voluntary health insurance. Please check the coverage of operations and procedures under the Confido Health Plan at or the short number 1330. Please check the coverage of operations and procedures under another private insurance from the insurance service provider.

We also offer operations for patients insured by the Health Insurance Fund. We offer installment payments for surgical procedures and operations. Read more about our health and beauty loan here.

Coming to surgery

Before performing surgical procedures and operations, an appointment with a specialist is necessary, who will put together your treatment plan. Before the operation, please familiarize yourself with the patient guidelines.

    Oral and maxillofacial surgeon consultation

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    The field of oral and maxillofacial surgery deals with the treatment of congenital and acquired conditions of the skull, face, jaws and neck. Such conditions may result from illness, developmental anomalies, tumours, traumas, degenerative illnesses as well as ageing. In addition to treating medical conditions, our surgeon performs cosmetic surgery and different procedures in the facial region.

    You can consult the oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Confido for the following reasons, for example:

    • surgical treatment of skin tumours on the head, face, and neck
    • treatment of malformations of the head, face, and neck, including malformations of the skull in children (craniosynostosis, plagiocephaly and other deformities)
    • treatment of developmental diseases of the head, face, and neck (cysts, haemangiomas, lymphangiomas)
    • treatment of post-traumatic deformation of the head, face, and neck
    • planning surgical treatment of dentition anomaly and sleep apnoea
    Oral and maxillofacial surgeon consultation
    110 €
    30 min

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    Confido Medical Center
    Veerenni 51, Tallinn

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    Service: Oral and maxillofacial surgeon consultation

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