Health issues as well as diagnose and treat any existing conditions. We employ a number of other professionals who are dedicated to their field of expertise, such as specialists, therapists and massage therapists, who help solve both emotional and physical ailments. Various specialists and doctors work together and if necessary you will be referred to a colleague to receive the help you need. Confido has short queues and many services can also be booked through the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.


Consultation with a nutritionist

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A nutritional consultant provides practical advice for making your everyday diet more healthy and varied, and for creating a balanced menu.

The nutritional consultant helps you analyse your menu and find a healthy diet to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. They will also provide tips for grocery shopping and food preparation. The nutritional consultant may also help you create a specific menu and advise you on how to maintain a healthy level of physical activity.

If you have any diagnosed diseases, the nutritional consultant will advise you on healthy nutrition, but will not provide a disease-specific diet (a nutritional therapist does).

We recommend a consultation if you would like to lose or gain weight, are concerned about your digestion or skin condition, sleep disorders, persistent fatigue or mood swings, or if you are pregnant and want to eat healthier, or if you have diabetes or some other chronic illness and want to improve your condition by eating better.

We also welcome children with their parents and elderly who want to correct their everyday nutrition.

Fill in a food diary 3-5 days before the first consultation, this gives the consultant a better overview of your health and helps to assess the problem. Save the diary to your computer. Fill it in on computer or print it out and send the completed version to info@confido.ee at your earliest convenience but at least 1 day before the appointment.

Eliisa Hermlin will perform a consultation in Tartu, both Eliisa Hermlin and Anneli Kõiv will provide a video consultation.

We provide this service in Estonian and English.

Making healthy nutritional choices is easy once you move from eating to nutrition – before sticking anything in your mouth, think what’s in it for your body!

Consultation with a nutritional and weight management consultant (for couples / families)
100 €
90 minutes
Consultation with a nutritional and weight management consultant (Eliisa Lukk, Anneli Kõiv ja Anne-Mai Küünemäe)
65 €
60 minutes
Consultation with a nutritional and weight management consultant (video consultation)
65 €
60 minutes
Consultation with a nutritional and weight management consultant (repeated) (Anne-Mai Küünemäe)
50 €
45 minutes
Additional consultation via phone or e-mail
30 €

We provide this service

Remote consultation
via phone, video call or online chat
Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn
Raatuse Health Centre
Raatuse 21, Tartu
Tartu Walk-in clinic
Ringtee 75, Tartu
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Service: Consultation with a nutritionist

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