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A headache is the most common nervous system disorder. Approximately 50% of adults have headaches throughout the year and most of them are mitigated without going to a doctor. However, headaches can be so severe or frequent that they cause significant disruptions to daily activities.

Most common headaches

Most common headaches

If there is an accurate diagnosis, headaches can be effectively treated

We have a comprehensive approach to headache treatment at the Confido Headache Centre. The headache treatment journey starts with an appointment to see a neurologist , where they identify the causes of the headache, after which you will be diagnosed and a treatment plan will be created in order to restore the quality of life that has been affected by the headache. An accurate diagnosis is needed for effective headache treatment. Confido has world-class diagnostic facilities and we can conduct all necessary tests (e.g. blood tests, MRI, CT scans, lumbar puncture). The neurologist will create a treatment plan involving a team of specialists on the basis of the diagnosis.

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A neurology nurse (also known as a headache nurse) monitors the patients and consults them; additionally, they evaluate the effectiveness and side effects of headache medications and they provide advice regarding what lifestyle changes must be made to reduce headache triggers. They also perform neuromodulation procedures, which are effective ways to prevent and mitigate headaches.

Physiotherapy uses several techniques (functional movement exercises, chiropractics, massages and dry needling, if necessary) to improve the mobility and balance of soft tissues and joints. This greatly helps prevent and mitigate headaches.

The physiotherapist will teach you how to conduct relaxation exercises by yourself so that you can notice how your muscles tense up during stress as well as how to release this stress.

Frequent disconcerting headaches can cause anxiety, mental stress and harmful behaviour patterns, and thus migraine patients are much more likely to experience anxiety and depression compared to healthy individuals. The psychologist evaluates the state of mind and uses psychotherapy to teach individuals to regulate their emotions more effectively as well as use better coping mechanisms. Headaches can also be reduced if emotions are managed skilfully. In addition, the psychologist can recommend and teach meditation.

Options for headache treatment:

Infusion therapy

Nerve blocks




Emergency headache treatment

    Appointment with a nurse specialising in neurology (headache)

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    With a doctor’s order, the neurology nurse consults and monitors patients with neurological disorders and diseases (e.g. headache) throughout their treatment course. Patients complaining about headaches are monitored and consulted by a specialist headache nurse. They explain the nature of the illness to the patient during the appointment. In addition, the patient is educated about the disease, how to take medication and how to keep a headache diary. Additionally, the neurology nurse monitors the use of medications and they inform the patient about potential side effects. 

    Appointments financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund can be booked by calling +372 666 2727 or visiting the National eBooking System » A referral from a neurologist is required to register for an appointment.

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    Initial appointment with a headache nurse (also available as a video consultation)
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