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Beauty packages

In beauty packages, we have gathered beauty services that complement each other and offer the best results. Packages are a good option as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

    Deep cleansing facial and cellulite treatment for spring

    This package is great for those who want to thoroughly cleanse their face before spring and boost blood circulation and collagen production, while also needing a cellulite treatment or skin tightening in some areas of the body – for example, thighs, buttocks, abdomen or arms. The package includes:

    • Deep cleansing facial treatment (up to 60 min)
    • Face and décolleté massage (up to 30 min)
    • Shockwave therapy (one area) (up to 20 min)

    This deep cleansing facial removes excess sebum, reduces pores, thickens the outer layer of the epidermis, helps remove comedonal acne, soothes and restores the skin. After the treatment, the skin will have a natural, bright and even tone and be protected from the harmful effects of the sun. The peel is followed by a relaxing face and décolleté massage that stimulates blood circulation and collagen production.

    A high-energy radial shockwave is used in the shockwave therapy. The wave travels from the applicator into the soft tissues, improving blood supply to them, which in turn accelerates the disintegration of fats and promotes collagen generation. This makes it highly effective against cellulite. The newly generated collagen will improve the elasticity and quality of the skin, making it visibly tighter after just a couple of procedures.  Read more here.

    Deep cleansing facial and cellulite treatment for spring
    120 €
    60 min + 30 min + 20 min

    We provide this service

    Viru Aesthetics Clinic
    4th floor, Viru Square 4, Tallinn