Confido Private Medical Clinic


Before the first consultation with our chiropractor and physiotherapists, please complete a questionnaire. These answers will provide us a better overview of your health, help us to assess the problem, confirm a diagnosis, or make any other health-related decisions.

A questionnaire usually needs to be completed electronically at home and sent to us 2 days before the consultation to our e-mail address

In exceptional cases, and only if necessary, the questionnaire can be completed on paper at our clinic. But in these cases, all time spent completing the questionnaire, as well as time spent by the doctor familiarising herself with the findings, is considered part of the time slot which was set for consultation.

What do I need to do and how do I complete a questionnaire?

  • Please select the questionnaire under the specialist’s name who you have booked an appointment for
  • Save the questionnaire to your computer
  • Complete the questionnaire in PDF on your computer or print it out and complete it by hand
  • Scan the handwritten questionnaire to your computer or take a readable photo with your phone
  • Send the questionnaire 2 days before your first appointment to our email address


Physiotherapist Maris Perendi
Physiotherapist Maris Perendi has a first consultation’ questionnaire.

Nutritional and weight management consultant Anneli Kõiv
Before the first appointment with the consultant, we ask our clients to fill in a health declaration and a 3-5 day food journal.

Women’s health physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu
Women’s health physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu has separate first consultation’ questionnaires for women during pregnancy and everyone else. The women's physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu is on maternity leave and therefore in the year 2019 there are restricted times available for appointments.