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Physiotherapy and chiropractic

Children of all ages can turn to a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. Therapy can promote development in infancy and treat any pre-existing musculoskeletal issues, if necessary. You can visit our physiotherapist based on a referral by your general practitioner. In this case, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund will compensate part of the payment and you will have to pay a deductible.

    Chiropractic consultation and treatment session for children

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    Confido’s chiropractor takes special medical interest in helping newborn and small children as well as adolescents with any problems. Chiropractic is a medication-free non-surgical method to relieve back and neck pain and headaches and prevent and treat joint problems. Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly and consists of exact technical movements where joint movements are manually manipulated to ensure the flawless functioning of the nervous system.

    For the chiropractor’s assessment, you must start with an initial consultation during which the specialist will perform comprehensive diagnostics, assess the issue, confirm a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

    The chiropractor can help:

    • newborn children because good spinal development during the first year lays the foundation for their entire lives;
    • children and adolescents who suffer from posture problems due to forced positions or sleeping or activity habits;
    • prenatal mothers with lower back and neck pains or pubic bone pains;
    • postnatal mothers who suffer from pains due to labour or forced positions;
    • everyone experiencing headaches, neck, back or shoulder pains, neck stiffness, light-headedness, any symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome or balance problems.

    Good to know

    • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. We have a special room for nursing mothers where they can feed their babies.
    • Our centre has play areas and a special games room for children of all ages.
    • Dress small children in comfortable clothing when coming for a consultation.
    • If necessary, the chiropractor can consult with a paediatrician or other specialists.
    • Children should be accompanied by one or both parents.

    First visit

    95 €

    Repeated visit

    60 €

    Gerly Truuväärt

    Gerly Truuväärt


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    Service: Chiropractic consultation and treatment session for children

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