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Mental health of children

A child's mental health is the state of physical and mental wellness that enables a child to go through important developmental stages to acquire necessary life skills and reach physical, mental and social maturity. In addition to wellness, the concept of mental health also includes mental health issues, incl. mental disorders. Both hereditary and environmental factors, incl. life events causing continuous stress, play an important part in the development of mental disorders. Another important factor is the relationships surrounding children, especially between children and their parents.

This means that tackling children's mental health problems requires cooperation between as many of the adults in their life as possible.

Child psychiatry focuses on mental disorder diagnosis and intervention planning. All of this is usually done by a team of specialists working together. Our team includes a children's psychiatrist, a clinical children's psychologist, a children's neuropsychologist, a family therapist, a speech therapist, a special education teacher and an art therapist.

Individual art therapy

Creative arts therapy is a reasoned, target based and planned activity in psychotherapeutic treatment and rehabilitation, where in a clearly defined client-therapist relationship creative and art based methods and techniques are applied, approached from aims based on the client’s condition of health.

Creative arts therapy creates a possibility for two parallel channels of communication, which:

  • Allow for communication is situations where verbal communication is restricted, hindered, not desired or impossible
  • Creates an opportunity, in addition to a clinical interview, to receive additional information, which is used for diagnostic purposes
  • Creates an opportunity, through a creative process, to reach important resources and furthering solutions, which might not reveal themselves in verbal communication.

Visual arts therapy is a branch of creative arts therapy. It is a form of therapy, where together with the client, visual art means and techniques are used. The means use different colours, clay, photos, graphics, painting, making sculptures, photographing and filming. The aim of the therapy is to help the client improve coping with one’s life. The concrete aims depend on the individual needs of the client.

To whom do we recommend art therapy?

  • Suitable for different clients, from small children to senior citizens
  • We recommend it for children who have difficulties studying, emotional and/or behavioural problems
  • Suitable for youths and adults, who suffer from chronic stress and burn out
  • In case of mood disorders
  • Supporting coping with chronical illnesses
  • In case of adjustment difficulties and reduced self-evaluation
  • Creating awareness of emotions/thoughts, when coping with changes in life
  • We also recommend it in the case of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia

What is good to know about art therapy?

  • Creative arts therapy applies the tri-relationship principle: therapist-client-artistic creation
  • It does not assume experience dealing with art, drawing skills
  • Supports spontaneous self expression
  • The therapist does not diagnose the client based on the art work: art is the client’s creation and the therapist is a partner, who helps understand the client’s inner world


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