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Andrologist works with male sexuality and male fertility. The main problems and reasons for consulting an andrologist: are infertility, difficulty getting pregnant, and desire to get pregnant.

You can see an andrologist without a referral. Reception financed by Estonian Health Insurance Fund takes place only if there is a referral.

    Andrology nurse consultation

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    An andrology nurse, or a male nurse, deals with the primary diagnosis and analysis of various male health problems. Men from the age of 18 are welcome to book an appointment with the andrology nurse.

    Symptoms for which we recommend a consultation:

    1. urination disorders (for example, changes in the stream of urine, frequent urination at night or when there is a feeling that the bladder is not emptying completely)
    2. problems with the foreskin (for example inflammation of the foreskin, narrowing of the foreskin or phimosis)
    3. problems with the prostate or pain in the groin indicating inflammation of the prostate (for example, pain in the testicles, discomfort in the lower abdomen)
    4. sexual dysfunctions (for example, problems with erection or ejaculation)
    5. symptoms indicating sexually transmitted diseases (for example, blisters or ulcers in the genital area, painful urination), casual intercourse or different sexual partners.

    P.S. We also recommend coming for an appointment for a prophylactic check-up, including prostate check-up, testing for male hormones or testicle check-up.

    Andrology nurse consultation includes:

    1. collecting patient history and identifying complaints;
    2. examination, choice of tests (tests are performed for an additional fee);
    3. an ultrasound examination and advice on the results of the tests, if necessary.

    If needed, the andrology nurse will refer you for an additional appointment with an andrologist.

    Andrology nurse consultation
    30 min

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    Raatuse Health Centre
    6th floor, Raatuse 21, Tartu

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    Service: Andrology nurse consultation

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