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Airway diseases may be acute or chronic. For acute symptoms, you should see our general practitioner (GP) who will prescribe additional examinations and treatment as necessary. If you have frequent airway-related illnesses, suspect a chronic disease or have been diagnosed and want advice for what to do next, you should consult our specialists.

Confido has a team of doctors specialising in airway problems of adult and pediatric patients from various perspectives. The team includes experienced GPs, an otorhinolaryngologist, a pulmonologist and a sleep medicine specialist. Sleep disorders are often associated with airway diseases. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by decreased pharyngeal and laryngeal muscle tone. If you suffer from it, you should request a sleep analysis or consultation with our sleep medicine specialist.

Important to know

  • Before consulting with a specialist, review all your complaints – when they started and how have they changed over time.
  • Bring all previous test and examination results from your medical record, if possible.
  • If you are taking or have taken any medicine, review your medicine usage, their observed effects, and any other treatment instructions you have followed.

Consultation with a pulmonologist

A pulmonologist specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of lung and airway diseases, provides expert review of diagnoses and treatment plans, performs regular and post-treatment follow-up of chronic disease patients, and explains prevention methods and treatment options. If necessary, our pulmonologist can perform spirometric measurements during consultation, and refer you to additional examinations

You are welcome to consult with our pulmonologist if you suspect you may have a lung or airway disease, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), etc., or if you suffer from nocturnal breathing disorders. The price of the consultation is 70 euros.

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Pulmonary diseases may affect people of any age if their immune system is weakened.
Erve Sõõru

Dr. Erve Sõõru

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  • Dr Ene MillerDr Ene Miller
  • Dr Mari RõigasDr Mari Rõigas
  • Dr Mare KalvetDr Mare Kalvet

Dr Ene Miller

ENT specialist, otorhinolaryngologist
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Dr Mari Rõigas

ENT specialist, otorhinolaryngologist
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Dr Mare Kalvet

ENT specialist, otorhinolaryngologist
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Consultation with an otorhinolaryngologist

An ENT specialist or an otorhinolaryngologist specialises in the diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat in both adults and children. You are welcome to attend a consultation if you have any complaints or suspect you might have an acute or chronic ENT disease, have problems breathing through your nose, experience frequent nose bleeds or recurrent sinus infections, need an expert opinion or advice regarding surgical removal of tonsils or adenoids, or have a nocturnal breathing disorder.

During consultation, the doctor will perform an ENT examination, review your complaints, and prescribe any further examinations if indicated. The doctor will also let you know if your issues need surgical intervention, and which medical institution and surgeon would be best qualified. The price of the consultation is 70 euros.

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There is no reason to suffer from sore throat. Acute inflammations of the pharynx, throat, and/or tonsils should be consulted with your general practitioner.