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Aesthetic medicine

The Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers the state-of-art medical and cosmetic technologies. We have been working in the area of laser therapy, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and cosmetology for 18 years and offer more than 150 modern procedures to our clients that help to preserve the beauty of the body, skin youthfulness, as well as to solve the problems of personal appearance comfortably.

tattoo and makeup removal

Tattoo and permanent makeup removal

Removal of tattoos and permanent makeup without skin damage

laser epilation

Laser epilation

Removal of unwanted hair (depilation) from any part of the face and body



Correcting any imperfections and the shape of the face, improving the condition of the skin.

other services

Other services

Corrective procedures for the body, laser hair removal, removal of tattoos and permanent makeup.


    Laser hair growth stimulation

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    A laser is used to stimulate the scalp to improve hair growth during the course of the ResurFX™ Hair procedure. Laser treatment speeds up the scalp’s metabolism, improves blood circulation and regenerates dermis structures. Thereby, the so-called ‘dormant hair follicles’ in the treated area become active and natural hair growth is renewed.

    ResurFX™ hair treatment is suitable for treating alopecia and in the case of scattered hair loss and thinning hair. The procedure is safe and will not damage the skin.

    How does laser stimulation work?

    Laser stimulation of the scalp is conducted via contact cooling to ensure that the procedure is as endurable as possible. The procedure is quick; it lasts for approximately 10-15 minutes and the patient only feels a slight tingling. 

    Laser beams cause microdamages in the skin. In order to repair the damaged area of the skin, the cells will start working more actively, thereby creating new structures and providing strength to dormant hair follicles. Cell regeneration produces more stem cells, which are incredibly significant for the initiation of hair growth. The quality and elasticity of the skin improve and hair grows more actively. 

    ResurFX™ does not cause damage to the skin, as it selectively affects the dermis where the hair follicles reside. The laser beam pierces the skin only to the necessary depth, at a maximum of one micron. This is sufficient to invigorate the skin. The laser beam does not affect deeper skin structures and it does not pierce vital organs.

    What are the reasons for hair loss?

    Based on statistics, up to 70% of the global adult population suffers from some form of alopecia. Thinning hair can negatively affect an individual’s quality of life; early hair loss can cause unhappiness or depression.

    This is a gradual process in which thinning hair is the first step. An individual has a great chance of regenerating hair follicles by beginning hair growth stimulation during this period. The prospect of hair regrowth decreases over time. Experts believe that patients who have experienced hair loss for up to five years are suitable for the procedure.

    The most common causes of hair loss are the following:

    • Local skin diseases, such as seborrhoeic eczema, erythroderma
    • Hormonal changes (pregnancy)
    • Incorrect hair care
    • Anaemia
    • Traction alopecia (a strong braid) as a result of excessive hair tension
    • External scalp damage
    • Hormone medications, side effects of medications
    • Acute diseases (flu, erysipelas, etc.) and chronic infections (tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.)
    • Internal organs diseases (hepatopathy) and diseases of endocrine glands (thyroid and pituitary gland, etc.)
    • Severe debilitating diseases (dermatomyositis, malignant tumours, blood diseases, cachexia)
    • High-stress situations, endogenous depression instances
    • Central nervous system diseases (meningitis, encephalitis, etc.)
    • Poor diet

    What are the contraindications?

    ResurFX™ is not suitable for active infections as well as viral, fungal and bacterial diseases, inflammatory skin diseases or skin cancer.

    How to prepare for the procedure?

    Laser hair growth stimulation is conducted on a clean scalp. It is essential that the individual washes their hair the day before the procedure or on the day of the procedure, but they must not use hair care products.

    What to take into consideration after the procedure?

    ResurFX™ Hair laser stimulation does not destroy skin cells; post-procedure recovery is therefore fast and convenient.

    There may be redness, mild swelling, itching and a burning sensation on the scalp after the procedure, but this should subside in a couple of hours. The scalp will not form any crust or blood.

    The ResurFX™ laser is fitted with a first-class CoolScan™ nozzle for non-linear skin scanning. The patented algorithm controls the placement of each laser beam in order to protect tissues from the build up of heat as well as overheating. This option is a unique feature of the ResurFX™ laser. The ResurFX™ handpiece has an embedded continuous contact cooling system that increases patient comfort during treatment.

    A laser hair growth stimulation course is comprised of approximately 5-10 procedures, one every 10-14 days. The procedure can be combined with other hair growth stimulation methods (e.g. plasmalifting). Individuals can expect to see the first results in three to four months.

    Laser hair growth stimulation
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