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Infusion /IV therapy

At Confido Viru Clinic, we offer innovative infusion therapy (IV therapy) to provide your body with the necessary vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, and antioxidants and provide preventive treatment. In the case of infusion therapy, i.e. intravenous fluid therapy, a salt solution with vitamins or drugs is introduced directly into the person's bloodstream through a vein. It is the fastest way to administer vital fluids, electrolytes and vitamins to ensure optimal fluid levels in the body while supporting the immune system.

    Infusion therapies

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    Infusion therapy is suitable for people suffering from viral diseases and for alleviating general fatigue, as well as for alleviating the symptoms of known food poisoning. Vitamin cocktails are also good for improving the overall quality of the skin and ensuring moisture balance.

    Before the infusion therapy, you will have a consultation with the nurse, and it is necessary to fill out a health declaration, which is reviewed by a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will order blood tests.

    Vitamin levels can also be checked at the Confido express clinic with a vitamin analysis package.

    Who is infusion therapy suitable for?

    Infusion therapy is suitable for people suffering from viral diseases, for example, and for relieving general fatigue, as well as for alleviating the symptoms of known food poisoning. Vitamin cocktails are also good for improving the overall quality of the skin and ensuring adequate moisture balance.

    People with vitamin deficiencies are especially in need of infusion therapy. They are mainly caused by a poor diet, excessive consumption of ready meals, and dietary restrictions, for example in the case of vegetarians, and vegans. Vegetarians and vegans have a potential risk of developing different types of anemias.

    In addition, people suffering from headaches may need infusion therapy. A headache can be caused by low fluid intake, stress, or migraine. Infusion therapy is also suitable for athletes following strenuous physical effort, after which the level of both fluid and minerals in the body may have dropped significantly.

    • 70 min, 120 €

      Suitable for everyone to treat dehydration as well as overall body rejuvenation. We recommend it after physical or mental effort, also after suffering from viral diseases, to reduce stress and for people who do not consume enough fluids on a daily basis.

      In the process of the infusion, the fluid supply at the cellular level and the supply of minerals and electrolytes are restored. The therapy improves the blood supply to the organs while cleansing the body. The results in an overall improved wellbeing and restoration of fluid supplies and the body will be able to remove waste materials more quickly.

    • 70 min, 130 €

      This therapy is great for strengthening the immune system’s resistance as well as restoring and rejuvenating the body after a viral infection. The infusion includes vitamin C, which is an important water-soluble antioxidant in the blood and tissue cells, decreasing fatigue and stress and the body’s susceptibility to many different viral infections. This infusion also contains a complex of B vitamins B1 and B6.

      The objective of the immune system is to produce an extremely effective response to various external influences such as microorganisms, toxins, tumour cells, etc. The immune system’s role is not only to destroy bacteria and viruses, but also to remove harmful substances from the body. In stressful situations, including periods of illness, we exhaust our body more, thus it needs more vitamins and minerals to function successfully.

    • 80 min, 150 €

      A varied diet gives our body the required amount of vitamin reserves and keeps the organs functioning in a normal manner. Special dietary restrictions and an incomplete diet may bring about various chronic diseases. Additionally, the absorption of substances may become affected by various issues stemming from intestinal functioning. Regarding diet, people should pay special attention to making sure iron, B12, folic acid, zinc and calcium requirements are all covered.

      The balanced diet infusion is suitable for people with special dietary restrictions who are at risk of vitamin deficiency. Includes B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. This results in an improved overall wellbeing and appearance, less headaches and a decrease in fatigue.

    • 80 min, 140 €

      The therapy is suitable for mitigating tension headaches and migraine symptoms and provides fast relief for the client. This is also suitable for people with chronic headaches, such as those with gastric motility disorders, when oral preparations as well as water are tough to administer.

      The infusion includes anti-nausea and pain mitigating preparations such as sodium lactate solution and folic acid. The necessity for medication is decided at the consultation, depending on your health condition.

    • 80 min, 180 €

      The infusion is fit for achieving glowing and healthy skin; it also helps reduce fatigue and ageing symptoms. Our special beauty cocktail is composed of 13 vitamins, including vitamin C and E and B-group vitamins, including folic acid and biotin.

      Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that also provides elasticity to the skin and blood vessels and it has a considerable role in the forming of connective tissue and mitigates fatigue. B-group vitamins play a significant role in our metabolism as well as in the development of our skin and hair. Vitamin E helps maintain the structure and function of our skeletal muscles and smooth muscles, and it also helps prevent premature ageing.

      The beauty cocktail is suitable for almost all individuals who want to improve the quality of their skin and mitigate the signs of fatigue and ageing. This infusion is great in combination with different beauty treatments such as mesotherapy, chemical peels and facial care. Depending on the client’s health situation, the treatment is performed as a treatment course.

    • 15 min, 45 €

      Convenient for mitigating muscle aches, such as acute and chronic back pain. Milgamma is a complex vitamin preparation based on B-group vitamins that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It also stimulates tissue regeneration. Thus, it is used to mitigate and treat musculoskeletal system conditions.

      Vitamin B1 is the most significant link in carbohydrate metabolism and the chain of biochemical transformations. Vitamin B6 is primarily involved in the metabolism of proteins, as well as fats and carbohydrates. Vitamins B1 and B6 have a positive impact on regular energy metabolism as well as the functioning of the nervous system and the immune system. Vitamin B12 is associated with the formation of nerve fibre sheaths; it also stimulates haematogenesis, mitigates pain and stimulates nucleic acid metabolism via the activation of folic acid.


      The preparation of B vitamins is administered as an intramuscular injection. This is performed during a treatment course of five to ten sessions, ideally two or three times per week, depending on the recipient’s health situation.

    • 40 min, 65 €

      Vitamin C has a significant role in maintaining healthy skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. The more collagen an individual has, the more elastic, smooth and young the skin looks. Vitamin C’s depigmenting effect helps homogenise the skin tone. Additionally, it helps mitigate inflammatory processes, thus it is important when treating skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, acne, etc.).

      Vitamin C also takes part in the constant renewal of the entire body: repair processes, as well as ensuring the health of bones, capillaries, gums and teeth, iron absorption, etc. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant and important for a strong immune system.

    • 60 min, 190 €

      Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that has a significant effect on our health. Antioxidants help our bodies handle oxidative stress. Oxidative stress happens when the balance between the production of free radicals and naturally present antioxidants in our body is destabilised.

      Glutathione has a significant role in the immune response, DNA repair and the body’s cleaning process and neutralising drug and chemical residues as well as other toxins. Thus, glutathione deficiency may be connected to the development of many different diseases and premature ageing.

      Glutathione effectiveness is related to vitamin C, and they are administered together as a result. Glutathione also has a neutralising effect on the toxins and free radicals that cause many different skin changes – wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and pigment spots. Glutathione benefits as a powerful antioxidant:

      • Reduces inflammation of the skin (in case of acne).
      • Helps smooth away wrinkles and hinder processes linked to premature ageing.
      • Brightens existing sun damage and prevents the creation of new pigment spots.
      • Improves the skin’s appearance, making it brighter and more even.
      • Strengthens the immune system.
      • Increases mental stamina as well as physical endurance.
      • Improves general health.

      To improve glutathione effectiveness, individuals should act in a health-conscious way – avoid undue stress, alcohol, smoking and being out in the sun unprotected. Glutathione infusion should be carried out three or four times per month throughout the treatment course.


    For whom infusion therapy is not suitable?

    Infusion therapy may not be suitable for people with severe kidney and heart diseases.

    The procedure is not carried out on minors, pregnant women, or women, who are breastfeeding.

    How to prepare for the procedure?

    After the infusion treatment, nausea, headache, and dizziness. There may occur redness, slight pain, and bruising of the injection site.

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