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At Confido Viru Centre's Aesthetics Clinic and Walk-in-Clinic, we offer several different body and facial treatments. All procedures are performed by medical staff or certified beauticians. Your skin, face, and body are treated by professionals.

Different body treatments are available: cryolysis, shock wave therapy, OxyGeneo injection-free rejuvenation, skin peeling, mesotherapy, and plasma lifting. We offer laser hair removal for all areas of the body.

Our facial treatments bring you more beautiful and healthier skin, for example, we recommend deep cleansing facial treatment with Renophase products, light therapy, and bio revitalization. To rejuvenate your skin and in case you have skin problems, start by visiting a beautician with whom you can make a treatment plan. You'll also find face injections and botulinum injections (such as Botox).


    B-calm treatment for red and rosacea prone skin

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    GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI takes an innovative approach to caring for sensitive skin: it aims to protect and restore the skin’s ecosystem. Maintaining balance is key to improving the skin’s daily wellbeing and resilience.

    Each treatment has been rigorously formulated using only the most essential ingredients to team sensitive skin with a reliable partner, ensuring maximum results without risking safety.

    A shock treatment to immediately relax irritated skin, reduce irritation and soothe redness.

    Due to its benefits, B-Calm is an excellent dermocosmetic treatment every time your skin is more sensitive or irritated and too fragile for most other cosmetic procedures but still needs moisturisation, hydration and comfort provided under professional supervision to reduce the obvious signs of skin sensitivity.

    Fully satisfying skin restoration results after just one treatment. The procedure leaves your skin soothed and relaxed. Irritation, redness and scaling are visibly reduced.

    B-CALM treatment
    65 €
    60 mins

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    Confido Medical Centre
    Veerenni 51, Tallinn
    Viru clinic
    Viru Väljak 4, Tallinn
    Tartu Walk-in clinic
    Ringtee 75, Tartu

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    Service: B-calm treatment for red and rosacea prone skin

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