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    Face treatment with massage

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    The face is full of nerves and pleasure points. A facial massage is therefore a recommended form of grooming. The massage is relaxing, but also has a more practical focus – a massage helps prevent wrinkles. A facial massage stimulates the lymph nodes and aids the removal of toxins from the facial area.

    The technique we offer for a facial massage is based on deep and precise local compressions that promote microcirculation processes and thereafter improve trophicity. This results in reduced muscle tension in the main muscle groups. The muscle skeleton of the face is fully restored, which is clearly visible.

    The methodology consists of three parts – working with mimicry and other wrinkles, working with problems in the periorbital zone and working in the lip area, restoring the skin’s tone and cellular whiteness in all tissue, by layer.

    At first, biological aging, early photo aging, and local relief changes and changes in skin elasticity are treated. An important part of the work is devoted to mimicry wrinkles, the nature of which is connected with local, permanent compressions of the epithelial cells and insufficient circulation in the connective tissues.

    Good things to know about the treatment:

    • The massage can be combined with facial treatments or be performed prior to Renophase peeling.
    • A single treatment results in improved skin tone and the reduction of wrinkles, while the skin obtains a healthy and more radiant complexion.
    • It is recommended that you have 10-15 massages over a 2 month period for the massage treatment to have a lasting lifting effect.


    110 €


    80 minutes

    maria hintser

    Maria Hintser

    Medical cosmetologist

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    Service: Face treatment with massage

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