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Light therapy

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Light therapy is a technique that has been used for over ten years. Light improves and stimulates the natural process of cell metabolism. Together, OmniluxRevive red light and Renophase® bioavailability actions are an optimal combination which, in synergy, produces a photophysical and biological effect. The red light used has a 630 nm wavelength and reacts on the level of mast cells.

Degranulation reduces the risk of burns and the process of skin regeneration occurs through the proliferation of fibroblasts. Light causes the dissipation of inflammatory agents, the stimulation of the immune system and the restoration of new collagen-rich tissue, without burning or damaging the cells.

The procedure can be used to reduce scars and inflammatory processes, as well as normalising general processes taking place within cells, and give skin strength and elasticity.

Good things to know about the procedure:

  • Makes the treatment of acne, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, couperose and eczema more efficient.


40 €


30 minutes

maria hintser

Maria Hintser

Medical cosmetologist

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Oksana Gerassimenko

Oksana Gerassimenko

Beauty specialists

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Service: Light therapy

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