Too many people, both men and women, have lost their soul to addiction in Estonia. Yet only a few people get to recover on their own.

The first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem and to give up the idea that it is possible to resolve it only with willpower. We offer a helping hand to those struggling with alcohol, drug, or prescription drug addiction and to their family members. In case of addiction disorders, the whole family needs help since addiction behaviour impairs all the relationships in family, hurting especially the feelings of trust and security.

“My goal is to guarantee a confidential and humane recovery to my clients and help them to get over the feelings of shame and guilt.” Kaja Heinsalu

Counseling sessions

Our team involves experienced addiction counsellors, psychiatrist and therapists who are committed to helping people recover from alcohol, drug or prescription drug addiction, also smoking addiction.

If needed, other specialists are consulted.

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Recovery programme

We invite you to join the 12-Step Programme based on the Minnesota Model that the evidence-based medicine has acknowledged as the most effective addiction recovery method. The programme enables people to learn practical ways to achieve and retain addiction-free lifestyle.

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Codependency is a strong emotional dependency on another person with an intention to control and change the other person’s addictive behaviour.

Recovery from codependency begins with the analysis of one’s life situation, of his/her reaction patterns, relationships, and self-esteem.

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